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3 Fun Team-Building Activities For Remote Workers

May 22, 2019

The growing number of remote workers has caused business leaders to rethink the methods they use to build team cohesion. Without moments of elevator banter and watercooler chats, remote teams miss opportunities to learn about each other and develop team spirit. When the only time your team speaks to each other is during remote meetings, it’s a good idea to devote a little bit of meeting time to team building. Here are three fun team-building activities for remote workers you can try.

Get to Know Me Session in Meetings

One of the critical aspects of team building is getting to know the members of the team. When employees only talk to each other through emails, which are always about work, they don’t have an opportunity to learn about their teammates. When using remote meeting tools, like those from the Conference Group, you can incorporate some Get to Know Me sessions into team meetings. Encouraging your team to learn more about one another will generate a happier and more cohesive team spirit. These sessions can be reasonably quick, with each person telling the group 10 interesting facts about themselves, their work background and their families. If it’s a video meeting, you can encourage them to share photos.

You can either have everyone do this in a single meeting, at the beginning of the project, or have one person take a turn at each of your meetings. The advantage of doing it one at a time is that it gives everyone their moment in the spotlight and people are more likely to remember the things they learn about each other if it’s not all compressed into one session. Individual Get to Know Me sessions allow your team to learn about each other without taking up too much time in a single meeting.

Decorate Your Workspace Contest

There are ways that a team of remote workers can take advantage of traditional team building exercises; it just takes a little extra creativity. For example, instead of decorating the office together, you can host a Decorate Your Workspace Contest. When using video meeting tools like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, you can host a contest where your team sees who can decorate their workspace with the most creatively. It’s a simple way to inject some fast fun into your meeting and give remote employees a chance to express themselves.

When hosting a Decorate Your Workspace Contest, explain the contest rules to employees at least a month before the event. The advanced notice ensures that everyone has plenty of time to decorate. To prevent anyone from going overboard, you can set a budget and time limit for decorating. On the day of the event, let your employees vote for their favorites, which come with simple prizes. These contests are a great way to build team spirit around the holidays or corporate events.

Create Highlights of the Team’s Work in Action

Remote workers often contribute a portion of the work needed for a final product. This situation makes it harder for distant team members to see the result of their work or the impact their contribution is having. It’s vital that business leaders show remote team members why their work matters and why it’s appreciated. Remote meetings can be used to provide updates to the team and to spotlight specific ways their work is positively impacting the project. Webinar applications, like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, can be used to showcase progress charts, product photos and other materials that show the team how the project is moving forward thanks to their help. Another way to boost team spirit is to record videos of any in-person, company-related activities that feature their work, which can then be shared during the webinar.

Remote workers have the same desire for recognition and team spirit as workers in traditional office environments. Thoughtfully using remote meeting tools from providers like the Conference Group can help your team stay close while working remotely. Speak to a Remote Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to learn how we can help your organization achieve more.

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