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3 Kinds of People Who Attend Webinars

3 Kinds of People Who Attend Webinars
June 21, 2019

Companies can use webinars and web meetings in several ways to improve collaboration between remote teams. Webinars can also be used to host public sessions that increase brand awareness and improve the way people perceive a business. Web meetings, like the ones you can host with Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, are an excellent way to achieve these benefits and more. One of the keys to a successful webinar is knowing your audience. Here are three kinds of people who attend webinars.


Students are the most common kind of people to attend a webinar. If you’re hosting an informative webinar for the public or an internal audience at a company, most respondents will be there to learn. Students go to webinars to soak up as much information as they can because webinars are a great way to learn new skills and get advice from experts. These are the members of the audience who will be taking notes about what you say, and asking questions to glean more information from the source.

When you’re advertising your webinar to this audience, include bullet points on the various topics that will be discussed and what the audience will learn by the end of the seminar. This setup makes it easier for students to see the value they will get by attending the webinar. Make sure your presentation delivers on the process by providing a lot of helpful information.


Depending on the format and the size of the group, web meetings and webinars make excellent networking opportunities. For example, if a person wants a chance to meet someone, attending a webinar hosted by that individual could provide an opportunity for an introduction. When planning a webinar, choosing a popular host will boost attendance. Some of the respondents will join the webinar for the networking opportunity.

Web meetings that involve more group interaction and discussion are even better venues for networking. The attendees can network with the presenter and with other members of the web meeting. Webinar planners can tap into this desire for networking by letting people see who else has signed up to attend. For example, having a Facebook event promoting the webinar would show who else is attending and who is thinking of attending.

Creatives and Creators

Webinars and web meetings can be inspirational experiences when you have the right presenter, fantastic content, and a robust platform (like Together Talk Web) to host the meeting. People looking for a creative spark may attend webinars to get inspiration on a project for work or content ideas for the company newsletter. Webinar planners can highlight the creative accomplishments of the speaker to show creatives why they should attend. In a business setting, webinar promotional material can mention an initiative within the company that was spearheaded by the presenter.

During the meeting, you can help creatives find inspiration by including sections with audience engagement, such as polls or Q&A sessions. These features increase the sources for inspiration and can help attendees think outside the box when looking for solutions to their situations.

If you want to use webinars to help your business improve your brand, sign up for a 30-day free trial for Together Talk Web from the Conference Group. Our system has everything you need to host stunning web meetings, and at an affordable price. Talk to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group to learn how to get more from your webinars and other virtual meeting tactics.

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