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4 Benefits to Using Operator Assisted Conference Call

4 Benefits to Using Operator Assisted Conference Call

Conference calls are a valuable resource for connecting remote teams and communicating with an audience. Conference calls can be used for meetings of any size, but the larger the call gets, the more complicated it becomes for the meeting organizer. Having a trained operator can help an organization manage large conference calls or give a special touch to important smaller meetings. Here are four benefits to using operator assisted conference calls, such as the services offered by the Conference Group.

Improve Meeting Security

In most situations, the code needed to join a conference call is enough security against unwanted eavesdropping. However, when higher security is required, having a trained operator can add an extra layer of protection. When you use Operator Assisted Plus conference calling from the Conference Group, you can use features that keep the call secure. You can set up an Allowed Only List which the operator will use to screen everyone who joins the call. The operator can also collect additional information from the participants before allowing them to enter the conference. Operators can obtain information such as name, company, phone number, email address, and title. Using this service improves meeting security by discouraging unwanted guests showing up uninvited and catching them before they can join the call and hear sensitive information.

Access Codes and Name Recordings Can Be Skipped

Another benefit to using an operator is that it’s easier for the callers. When you use participant screening with Operator Assisted Plus conference calls, the operator greets every caller, and the call can be secured with a verbal password. This action eliminates the need for remembering access codes. The operator can also perform a roll call, where the participant list is used to take attendance. The roll call also serves as an introduction for the people on the call and the sounds of their voices.

Simplify and Streamline Conference Calls

An operator can help simplify and streamline more massive conference calls by performing some of the functions the call leader would handle. An example of this dynamic can be seen with the polling feature used to get instant feedback from the audience. When using Operator Assisted Plus conference calls, the call leader can give the questions to the operator, who will read the questions and answer choices to the audience.  Similarly, after taking roll at the start of the meeting, the operator can send a participant list to the call leader after the session has finished. There is even a pre-conference host room where the call leader can review any special procedures or instructions that need to be followed during the call.

Ensure Your Meeting Goes Flawlessly

Having a trained operator ensures your meeting goes flawlessly. When you use Operator Assisted or Operator Assisted Plus conference calls from the Conference Group, a dedicated operator will monitor the session for the duration of the conference call. Besides assisting with the call in the ways mentioned above, the operator has the bonus of being right there to troubleshoot any issues on the spot. As conference calls grow in size, so does the potential for callers to need assistance. The operator can help handle the logistics of the call so you can focus on hosting an unforgettable conference call.

Speak to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group to learn more about using operator assisted conference calls. You can also sign up for On-Demand calling with Together Talk Audio and start making conference calls immediately.

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