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4 Body Language Tips You Can Use to Improve Video Meetings

4 Body Language Tips You Can Use to Improve Video Meetings
June 17, 2019

Video meetings, such as the ones you can host with Together Talk Video, are excellent ways to keep remote teams connected and meet with clients face to face, even when far apart. However, being able to see the other party in a remote meeting means you need to consider how you look to them. Here are four body language tips you can use to improve the impression you make during a video meeting.

Maintain Good Posture to Look Alert

For something so simple, sitting up straight can do much to improve the impression you give during a video meeting. When you sit with good posture, it can make people see you as someone with energy and enthusiasm. Doing things like slouching, leaning back in your chair, or propping yourself up with an arm, makes people assume you are uninterested, uncertain, or too tired to pay attention. Though people can’t see your lower body, if you’re fidgeting in your chair, your motion could appear as distracting shaking to the other viewers. Another benefit of using good posture is that your voice will project better, which can make your voice clearer and easier to understand.

Remember to Smile

Smiling is one of the most potent and universal body language tools we have, so be sure to use it to improve video meetings. Smiling can project a warm and non-threatening persona when meeting people. Make sure to take a moment at the start of the call to smile and greet the other members of the video meeting. Starting your video meeting in this way generates positive feelings and can help with establishing a trusting relationship. During the session, you should only smile when appropriate, such as when someone makes a joke. Keep in mind that smiling too much or faking a smile could make you seem insecure and less credible. However, never smiling during the video call will make you look cold and distant.

Be Enthusiastic

Whether you’re meeting in person or via remote, being passionate about what you’re discussing will help you make a stronger impact with your audience. Using gestures when you speak will make you look more enthusiastic and passionate about what you’re saying. Hand gestures and intense enthusiasm are also taken as signs of confidence. Gesturing may feel less natural when you’re sitting in front of a camera, but they’re worth the effort to make the best impression with the audience. Keeping your hands on the table can make it easier to use them when you’re ready to speak.

Avoid Distracting Actions

When you’re on a video conference call, it’s crucial to avoid doing things on camera that will distract other attendees. A study from the University of Cambridge found that people tend to combat nervousness by engaging in an array of distracting, face-touching behaviors. When you’re sitting in front of a camera, these minor movements can become major distractions. Try to avoid doing things like smoothing your eyebrows, tugging at earlobes, scratching your nose or chewing on your lower lip. This kind of fidgeting is distracting and can influence how people feel about the things you’re saying. Furthermore, fidgeting is sometimes associated with dishonesty, so people may assume you’re up to something if you can’t sit still during the meeting.

Good body language is useless if you’re using an inferior quality video meeting platform to host your gathering. Check out Together Talk Video from the Conference Group to see how your organization can save money on high-quality video meetings. Speak to one of our meeting specialists to learn more about using our services to help your organization.

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