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4 Common Conference Call Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

September 11, 2019

Meetings are a bane and a blessing in the modern workplace. It’s vital to have collaboration sessions to ensure everyone is on the same page and that the project is progressing as expected. However, these meetings can eat up time and resources when they aren’t planned carefully. Using virtual meeting services, such as the ones provided by the Conference Group, can make meetings more efficient, but the potential still exists for virtual meetings to drift into unproductivity. Here are four common conference call time wasters that you should avoid to keep your meeting on track.

Not Starting on Time

A lot of meeting time is wasted waiting for the meeting to start. If the point of the meeting is to make decisions or to share vital information, the meeting can’t begin until certain people have arrived. Conference calls and other virtual meetings make it easier for everyone to attend on time since you can join the call from anywhere. However, it’s not uncommon for people to forget the starting time for a meeting or to lose track of time when working on another project. One way to solve this issue is to use Scheduled conference call services from the Conference Group. With this meeting style, the planner sets up the meeting time and a list of phone numbers that will attend. At the appointed time, a call will go out to all the meeting attendees so they can join the call. This feature ensures everyone joins the meeting at the right time.

Letting Too Many People Talk at Once

One of the challenges of hosting a conference call is keeping discussions structured and on topic. If you too many people start speaking at once, it becomes harder to know who is saying what, or to hear everything that is said. Trying to control and direct discussions can slow down a meeting, whether it’s virtual or in person. However, when you use conference call services from the Conference Group, you have access to features for better call management. For example, some of our plans have a Q&A feature where participants use an “electronic hand raising.” This feature allows the call leader to choose who speaks and maintain control of the meeting.

Not Sharing a Meeting Agenda

Including enough information for meeting attendees in the invitation is essential for keeping a meeting on track and on time. Sending a meeting agenda that clearly explains what will be discussed and what information each participant needs to bring can save a lot of time during the meeting. When there’s no agenda, time during the gathering will be spent looking up data or getting resources that should have been prepared in advance. When scheduling a conference call with the Conference Group, call leaders can include a version of their agenda in the meeting invitation. This tactic ensures the information is always easy to find for call attendees. Clients who use Together Talk Audio also have access to a customer dashboard where they can edit their event information. So if anything changes on the agenda, you can let attendees know through their call invitations.

Not Knowing Who is On The Call

When meeting planners begin a meeting, they often assume that everyone who is on the call is already there. This scenario happens a lot when a meeting is too large to take roll quickly. However, if essential people are missing, the meeting can’t accomplish everything it needs to do. Furthermore, it holds up the meeting when everyone is trying to find the missing caller or the information they were needed to provide. One way around this issue is to use Operator Assisted conference call services from the Conference Group. Our operators can screen guests with a participant list, so the call leader immediately knows who is on the call. Ensuring everyone that needs to be on a call is there at the beginning can prevent time wasting issues from appearing later in the meeting.

There are many more ways that using the Conference Group can help businesses make their meetings more efficient and cost-effective. If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of your organization’s meetings, speak to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group.

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