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4 Common Noise Sources that Interrupt Virtual Meetings

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November 18, 2019

Meetings are about communication, so it’s vital to ensure that nothing interrupts the meeting. Choosing a quiet location is crucial for any meeting, but it becomes harder to achieve with virtual meetings. Everyone is in a different place, so there are more potential sources for noise. When using a high-quality virtual meeting service provider like the Conference Group, many of these issues can be avoided. Here are four common causes of noise that can interrupt meetings.

Device Notifications

Many people have smartphones and other devices that often use beeps and different sounds to notify the user of incoming messages and other alerts. These sounds can disrupt a meeting if devices aren’t muted. Besides having smartphones on mute, virtual meeting leaders should remind guests to turn off the audio off on tablets and other devices in the room. As a rule of thumb, mute the sound on every device that isn’t necessary for the virtual meeting.

Noise from Other Locations

When hosting a virtual meeting like a conference call or video meeting, each person is in a location that has the potential to add unwanted noise to the meeting. Meeting attendees should know to avoid joining a conference call when they’re in a noisy environment. For example, a busy restaurant during lunch will have a lot of background noise. Even if the line is muted when that person isn’t speaking, whenever they need to talk, the background noise will reach the microphone. Even seemingly quiet locations may be hiding noisemakers. Be sure to inspect your room for anything that produces a sound, like a second phone line or a network printer that could start unexpectedly. You can’t avoid every potential noise-making object, but being mindful of them can prevent issues.

Pets and Children

Using virtual meeting services allows business owners to let employees work from home. However, home environments introduce additional sources for noise. It’s vital to keep the work area inaccessible to pets and children. Take care of the needs of your pets or children before the meeting starts. If you have a pet that wants attention the moment they see you on the phone or webcam, you should put them in another room before the meeting starts. Similarly, parents who work from home should try to have someone to help watch small children when they’re on a conference call or video meeting. It’s hard to keep small children quiet and entertained during a meeting without some assistance.

Sound from Other Computer Applications

When using Together Talk Web to host webinars, users can share their computer screens and work from the same applications. Users need to remember to mute the sound on from other computer applications that aren’t required for the webinar. Even if you’re not the current presenter, the sound from your computer will get picked up by your phone’s mic. With multiple computers be used for the webinar, if people don’t close applications running in the background, the call line will be filled with sounds from system notification from the computer.

The Conference Group has services that can help organizations host meetings that accomplish more and save the company money. Speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to discuss ways to make your virtual gatherings more productive.

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