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4 Common Virtual Meeting Mistakes the Conference Group Can Help You Avoid

4 Common Virtual Meeting Mistakes the Conference Group Can Help You Avoid
June 24, 2019

Advances in mobile technology and the internet have made it easier than ever to keep remote teams together. Businesses can use virtual meeting tools, like those provided by the Conference Group, to allow people in different locations work and collaborate as if they were together in person. It’s vital that businesses use suitable virtual meeting applications to avoid potential pitfalls. Here are four common virtual meeting mistakes that products from the Conference Group can help you avoid.

Letting Background Noise Drown Out Your Meeting

High-quality audio is crucial for any virtual meeting. Whether it’s a conference call, video meeting, or webinar, much of the value is lost if people can barely understand what is being said. The solution to this potential problem is to use virtual meeting tools that provide high-quality audio to all participants. However, when a system has audio quality as good as products like Together Talk Audio, it’s essential to control background noise, which will be picked up by phone microphones. Ideally, your colleagues on the call know to be in a quiet environment and to mute their line when they aren’t speaking.

Not Engaging Your Audience

Whether you’re meeting in person or remotely, it’s vital that meeting leaders keep their audience engaged. Engagement is even more critical for remote meetings since there is a temptation for people to multitask instead of giving their undivided attention to the meeting. Encouraging audience participation and inserting engagement opportunities can ensure your audience pays attention during the entire session.

When using Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, call leaders have several options for engaging their audience. You can add a Q&A section where audience members can ask questions to the speaker. No one wants to be called out for asking a question that was clearly addressed during the presentation, so Q&A sections encourage people to pay attention to the meeting. Similarly, call leaders can include interactive polls. After asking a question, the audience picks their response using their phone to select an option. The results can be used for fun to guide the discussion of the call. These polls encourage people to pay attention because they won’t want to miss their chance for their opinion to be counted. The polls can also be a sort of mid-meeting attendance check. The call leader can assume that people who didn’t respond to the survey aren’t paying attention to the call, even if they’re on the line.

Not Recording the Meeting

As with in-person meetings, it’s essential to keep a record of what happened in the meeting, especially if decisions were made or tasks were assigned. When you use Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, you have the option to record your calls, so nothing is missed if you need to review the events of the call. Recordings can also be shared with team members who couldn’t attend. In some cases, a record of a virtual meeting can be used for marketing purposes. If a company has a conference call with several experts doing a panel discussion, a recording of the conversation can be shared on the company’s website. Together Talk Audio also offers a transcription service, so you can get an accurate written record of what happened during the call. Placing this transcript on your website, when appropriate, can be a useful content marketing tactic.

Not Using a Reliable Virtual Meeting Service Provider

After many hours spent planning and preparing for an excellent virtual meeting, the last thing you want is for things to go wrong due to technical difficulties. Providing services like conference calls, video meetings and webinars requires a robust infrastructure and a company with the know how to mitigate the issues that come with connecting large groups of remote teams. The Conference Group has provided virtual meeting services to companies small and large for 20 years, so you can trust us to handle your virtual meetings. We can even handle conference calls with thousands of guests or with an international audience. You can host conference calls, video meetings, and webinars using the Conference Group. Our systems are reliable and easy to use.

Speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to learn how we can help your organization accomplish more and pay less for virtual meeting services.

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