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4 Common Webinar Mistakes that Hosts Should Avoid

September 13, 2019

Webinars are an excellent way for businesses to entertain, engage, and educate a remote target audience. Business leaders can use service from the Conference Group, like Together Talk Web, to host web meetings that beneficial for consumers, customers, employees, and stakeholders. However, there are many missteps that marketers make that can hurt the effectiveness of their web meeting. Here are four common webinar mistakes that hosts should avoid.

Not Remaining on Schedule

The rapid-fire pace of the modern workplace limits the amount of time employees can spend in meetings and webinars. Most professionals will have to explicitly set aside time for activities like attending a webinar. It’s essential to respect the time of attendees by keeping the meeting on schedule. If the meeting goes on for too long, some people will have to leave the call early so they can move on to their next meeting. Since the conclusion of a meeting should be one of the most critical parts of a meeting, you don’t want people to miss it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a meeting that ends too soon is equally annoying to attendees. If they knew the meeting would end earlier, they could have scheduled something else at that time. To get the most out of a webinar and to keep everyone satisfied, it’s vital to stick to the schedule listed on the invitation.

Not Including a Calendar Integration

Modern consumers often have to juggle a calendar with some events being scheduled long in advance. When the webinar date is far from when the attendee registered, there’s a chance that the individual can forget they signed up for a webinar or when it’s supposed to happen. Some web meeting programs, like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, have integrations for applications like Microsoft Outlook, which can send out timely reminders to attendees as the event draws closer. Calendar integrations also reduce issues such as people double booking for an event. Utilizing calendar tools also dramatically improves the registration-to-attendee conversion rate.

Not Enough Engaging Content

Having an eye-catching title and topic can be all it takes to get people to sign up for a webinar. But once people show up for the webinar, it’s essential that the presentation includes enough exciting elements to keep the audience paying attention. Webinar presenters need to add visual features like photos, graphs, and charts. If the presentation is just one person talking for long periods, some of the attendees are likely to stop watching. Similarly, if a presentation features a slideshow where the host reads verbatim from the slides, the audience will stop listening to the presenter. With Together Talk Web, hosts have access to screen sharing and application sharing. These features create endless possibilities for adding visual elements and engagement opportunities to the web meeting.

Letting People Know in Advance There Will Be a Replay

With Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, it’s possible to stream web meetings to the company’s YouTube page. Once the stream is over, the video is saved to YouTube and can be accessed at any time. These recordings are useful for people who weren’t able to attend the event. However, letting people know before the event that there will be a replay available can hurt attendance. Some attendees may be tempted to skip the actual meeting if they know it’s possible to watch the webinar later. There still getting the information, but the company misses out on a point of view that could have made the call better, and the business loses an opportunity to engage with an audience member. You should make these recordings available, but don’t make it too easy for people to not attend your webinar.

Find out how webinars can help your business by signing up for a 30-day, free trial for Together Talk Web. If you want to get more from your webinars and other virtual meetings, the Conference Group can help. Speak to one of our Meeting Specialist to learn how you can save money while making your virtual meetings more productive.

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