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4 Common Webinar Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Common Webinar Mistakes You Should Avoid
June 12, 2019

Webinars are powerful tools for communicating with team members and sharing information with clients. To get the most from your web meetings, you need a platform, like Together Talk Web, that’s easy to use and has features that can help you engage with your audience. However, it takes more than the right software to create a useful webinar. Here are four common webinar mistakes to avoid.

Choosing a Boring Topic

An excellent webinar starts with a great topic. When using webinars to reach a target demographic, it’s vital to select a theme that captures the audience’s attention. Choosing an appropriate subject will help people find your webinar in searches and will encourage more people to sign up. Make sure your topic is suited for a webinar format. Webinars allow for audio, visual, and interactive elements, which make them excellent for product demonstrations, project collaboration, Q&As, tutorials, workshops, and more.


Finding a good topic takes research. One way to find out what interests your audience is checking trending topics on social media. Additionally, you can ask your sales reps about common questions from potential customers. Check the metrics on your website to see what the most popular content is and build a presentation around it. If you need help planning a webinar, talk to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group.

Lack of Opportunities for Audience Participation

Webinars can be used in a way that provides ample opportunities for audience engagement, and it’s vital that meeting managers use them. A webinar that consists mostly of one person talking while everyone else remains silent is unlikely to be memorable or enjoyable for the audience. The most effective webinars have audience members engaging with the presenters. Audience participation using a combination of media and meeting features helps to keep things interesting.


When you use Together Talk Web for your webinars, you can share screens and pass around presenter controls, so it’s easier to collaborate and discuss things as a team. Additionally, it’s possible to use the chat feature to take questions from audience members. And with application sharing, you can edit programs on the fly while receiving input from members of the audience. When there are chances for engagement, people pay attention, so they don’t miss their opportunity to contribute.

Focusing Too Much on Sales During Webinar

Webinars are an effective tactic for generating leads and sales, but it’s common for marketers to focus too much on sales during the web meeting. It’s vital to balance the sales portion of your presentation with the information portion. Consumers expect a free webinar to have some marketing information from the host. However, most people will become annoyed if the webinar is more about selling a product than providing useful information. When done right, the soft approach will convince your audience to look into your products without beating them over the head with it.

Not Doing a Practice Run

The saying “Practice makes perfect” is true for most things, and webinars are no exception. A common mistake made by presenters is not to practice their webinar. Start by writing a solid script for what you will say, or at least have an outline of all of the points you wish to address. Be sure to practice reading through these notes multiple times before the webinar. These rehearsals ensure you give the best, most-natural delivery when you do the webinar for real. Be sure to do a practice run with your webinar tools, so you’re not looking for buttons and features during the webinar.

If you want to try using webinars to enhance your business, you can get a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Web from the Conference Group.

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