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4 Icebreaker Activities You Should Use For Virtual Meetings

4 Icebreaker Activities You Should Use For Virtual Meetings
June 26, 2019

Meetings are a great way to share ideas and generate discussion, but they are also opportunities to build team cohesion. Meetings are where coworkers get to know the other members of the team and see how they are working together to accomplish a goal. However, it takes more than bringing people together, whether in-person or virtually, to make a team. The team building component of meetings is so important that leaders should devote a little time each session to bringing the team closer together. Here are four icebreaker activities you can use to boost team spirit during virtual meetings.

Ask “Where are You?”

When you have team members that are spread apart geographically, you can break the ice by asking each person to tell the group where they are and a little bit about the location. This question gives the team members a chance to introduce themselves, and the place gives them something else to talk about quickly. You can also learn a little about the person based on what they find interesting about where they live.

You can take this tactic a bit further if you’re using a video meeting or webinar format. The call leader can plan in advance by having a map that shows where each member is located. It can be fun to see how far apart everyone is. It also stresses the importance of collaborating well. When everyone is spread out physically, you can’t allow poor communication and inefficient collaboration to make the team more distant.

Share a Snapshot

Another visual way to break the ice during virtual meetings is to ask meeting members to share a snapshot of their life. These images can be fun things that show the personality of the group. It can be something simple like a photograph of the shoes they are wearing, a picture of their office, or a snapshot of the weather outside. These fun images can help team members see each other as more than just talking heads in the video meeting or webinar. Using the screen sharing features on Together Talk Video and Together Talk Web presents endless options for fun photo sharing opportunities that can help your team grow closer.

Play a Quick Round of Trivia

Starting your virtual meeting with a round of trivia is an excellent way to break the ice and to get everyone’s brain pumping. You can use generic trivia for fun, or you can also use work-related questions to encourage people to pay attention to issues at the company. Work-related questions can also be used to segue into the topic of the meeting. It doesn’t have to take up too much time. Just a few questions can be a team bonding experience. You can also use the opportunity to let group members share their accomplishments. Trivia is a fantastic way to help people work together as a team as well as get to connect in a non-work manner. When using Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, you can use the polling feature to test the group as a whole, so no one is singled out for wrong answers.

Take a Fun Personality Test

Another fun way to break the ice is to take fun personality tests. For example, you can have people take a Briggs-Myers test or one of those quizzes online that say which character you are from a popular series, like Game of Thrones or Friends. The tests you find online, and in many management books should be taken with a grain of salt. They aren’t a perfect measure of personalities, but they are fun to do and can be used as a jumping off point for introductions.

If you want to find more ways to make your meetings more productive, fun, and better for team spirit, you should talk to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group. Our experts can show you how to make your meetings more engaging while saving money on virtual meeting services.

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