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4 Reasons Why You Should Add Whiteboarding to Your Next Video Meeting

November 27, 2019

The best way to conduct an effective meeting changes over time. New meeting strategies are created as new technology emerges or trends change. For many years, slideshows were the default way to conduct any meeting, but that’s beginning to change. Many meeting organizers are using whiteboarding to make their meetings more dynamic and to discover new ideas. While it’s not an appropriate tactic for every session, it’s a tool that should be in a meeting organizers toolbox. With the help of whiteboarding software, this tactic can be used in video meetings that have application sharing, like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group. Here are dour reasons why you should consider adding whiteboarding to your next video meeting.

Better Collaboration From Team When Creating New Ideas

One of the benefits of whiteboarding is that the presenter isn’t bound to their notes or outline. Since you’re adding to the board as the meeting continues, there are more opportunities for people to add new ideas that hadn’t been considered before. When you show people a slide that has suggestions written on it already, audience members tend to stick with what’s already been prepared. With whiteboarding, their comments fill the board, so people are more likely to contribute new ideas. This feature makes whiteboarding perfect for brainstorming sessions.

Multiple Ways to Use Whiteboarding in Video Meetings

There are two ways that a business can use whiteboarding tactics with video meeting software like Together Talk Video. You can have an HD camera pointed at a physical whiteboard that the presenter can add to as the presentation goes on. Since Together Talk Video allows for multiple cameras, you can have one devoted entirely to the whiteboard, an another for the presenters face. Be sure to test the lighting and other aspects in the room to ensure the whiteboard is easy to read. You can also use whiteboarding software, including free products that can be found through a search on Google. Together Talk Video has screen sharing and application sharing features. You can show the screen from the application and give the controls to other participants so they can add to the digital board directly.

Record Your Presentation For Documentation and Review

Because whiteboarding sessions end with a unique product, it’s essential to record what was created and document it for later. When using Together Talk Video to host a whiteboarding session, you can choose to record the video. This video makes it possible for participants to rewatch the process that led to the creation of specific ideas that are mentioned in the whiteboard. Since most whiteboards have to boil down complex comments into tiny notes, having a video of the full discussion can be helpful. When using a whiteboarding app on your computer that’s shared via video, the program will include ways to save an image of the final whiteboard. Remember to make meeting notes soon after the event while the ideas are fresh in your head. You don’t want to be in a position where you don’t know what a particular note on the whiteboard is supposed to mean.

Connects All Team Members

One of the benefits of whiteboarding sessions is that it gives the audience more opportunities to participate in the creation process. Whether it’s by having a single presenter add comments from the audience or passing control of a whiteboarding app to team members, this meeting strategy requires the participation of everyone to receive the maximum benefit. It changes a meeting from an event where everyone reviews some premade slides, to a collaborative effort where the team works together to create more dynamic sessions.

Whiteboarding sessions aren’t appropriate for every meeting, but it’s a tactic that business leaders should consider when planning a presentation or brainstorming session. Speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to learn how you can use Together Talk Video to deliver better meeting experiences.

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