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4 Things to Look For in a Webinar Platform

November 15, 2019

When you plan a webinar, choosing the right platform is almost as important as creating good webinar content. An excellent presentation can lose some of its effectiveness if it’s hampered by an unhelpful webinar platform. Furthermore, companies may be missing out on opportunities to get the maximum benefit from webinar presentations. Here are four things to look for when choosing a webinar platform and why you should consider Together Talk Web from the Conference Group.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

Businesses that want the best webinar hosting experience will need to move beyond free services and look for a platform that has more features. However, the need for a high-quality webinar platform doesn’t mean that companies should overspend. Together Talk Web from the Conference Group is an affordable webinar solution that has all of the features most businesses need host high-caliber webinar presentations. We have a wide variety of pricing options, so our services can be made to fit any budget. You can pay annually, monthly, or set up per-minute billing.

Does It Include the Features You Need?

To host the best possible webinar, you need features and functionality that aren’t available on free webinar hosting services. Together Talk Web has most features that business owners need to engage with their audience effectively. The program can be used without requiring attendees to download or install anything, which also means it can be viewed from mobile devices. It also includes screen sharing, application sharing, pass presenter control functionality, and more. We even have security-enhancing features like the ability to lock a meeting to prevent additional attendees from signing in. Whether you’re giving a presentation or working collaboratively, Together Talk Web has the features you need.

How Many Attendees Does It Allow?

Webinars can be useful for many different situations, and some applications may require more attendees than a free webinar service can handle. Together Talk Web can be used to effectively host webinars with audiences of a few people up to huge webinars that are shared with over up to a thousand attendees. If you need something special set up to host even larger audiences, let us know in advance, and we can make it happen.

Can You Record?

A webinar platform can be more useful to an organization if the organizers can save the presentation for later. Together Talk Web includes features that let meeting organizers record the session. Educational webinars can be saved for training presentations, and panel discussions can be shared on social media platforms. The ability to record webinars gives businesses a new way to create engaging content that can reach a target audience.

Together Talk Web from the Conference Group has everything businesses need to host more useful webinars. See for yourself by getting a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Web. Speak to one of our meeting specialists to figure out the best way to get high-quality webinar services that fit your budget.

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