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4 Tips for a Successful Video Meeting

4 Tips for a Successful Video Meeting
July 3, 2019

Video meetings are a popular form of virtual meeting, since it’s like being together in the same room, even when the participants are in different locations. Services like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group allows companies to keep remote teams connected and to meet face-to-face with distant clients. However, having a good video meeting service provider is only half of the equation for a successful video meeting. Here are four tips you should use to make your video meetings better.

Be Prepared

Proper preparation is essential for many endeavors, and video meetings are no different. A video meeting held without adequate planning by the presenter will drag on and be ineffective at accomplishing the goal of the meeting. The best way to solve this problem is to have an agenda prepared before the event and send it out with the meeting invitations. Creating a schedule, and sticking to it during the meeting, will keep the event concise, orderly, and focused on the most essential elements. Sending the agenda out in advance also allows attendees to prepare any materials, questions, or comments that may help during the meeting.

Enhance Your Meeting With Additional Visual Elements

When most people think of video meetings, they only think about meetings where they can see the faces of the other participants. However, there are various ways that video meetings can be spiced up with additional visual elements. When you use Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, it’s possible to share your screen with other participants. Meeting organizers can use this feature to show PowerPoint slides, sales charts, photos, and more. Adding in these elements can make the presentation more lively than ordinary video meetings that just show the faces of the other meeting members.

Have a Meeting Facilitator

With services like Together Talk Video, it’s easy to set up impromptu video meetings. As long as the participants have access to a webcam or a smartphone, they can join the meeting from anywhere. However, impromptu meetings run the risk of being unorderly affairs that don’t accomplish as much as a planned meeting. Assigning someone to be the meeting facilitator can help maintain order during video meetings.  Usually, the facilitator is the person who called the meeting, but that’s not a requirement. The meeting facilitator sends out agendas, establishes the speaking protocols for the video meeting, and works to engage all of the members of the meeting, so everyone understands the plan, and side conversations are kept to a minimum.

Minimize Distractions

When hosting a virtual meeting, it’s vital to remove all unnecessary distractions from the area people use. Anything that shows up during the video meeting, whether it’s an unwanted sound or visual element, it can become an impediment to keeping everyone  focused on the meeting at hand. Distractions can come in many forms during a video meeting. Poor lighting or inappropriate clothing can make a video feed hard to see for other participants. Background noises, such as typing on a keyboard, eating food, or talking to another person in the room can also be an annoying distraction to the other meeting members. You should also consider disabling all pop-up notifications and other unnecessary programs if you’re using screen sharing. Not only do these pop-ups distract from the meeting, but they can also reveal private information. For example, an email notification may include a subject line with information the other meeting attendees weren’t supposed to know.

If you’re interested in hosting more productive video meetings for your organization, sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Video from the Conference Group. You’ll see how much high-quality video meetings can do for you and how using our services can help save you money. Speak to one of Meeting Specialists if you have questions or if you need help with something beyond the usual, such as hosting a video meeting with thousands of participants.

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