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4 Tips for Hosting Conference Calls on the Go

4 Tips for Hosting Conference Calls on the Go
June 19, 2019

The internet and computers have made it possible to conduct business around the world at any time of day. Business leaders can remotely meet with clients, team members, and other audiences with ease. When you use high-quality remote meeting services, like those from the Conference Group, you can host a conference call from almost anywhere. Here are four tips you can use to host conference calls while on the go effectively.

Avoid Unnecessary Sounds

Conference calls can be an affordable and effective alternative to traditional meetings, but there are things callers need to keep in mind. Phones and mobile devices have good microphones, and they can hear more things than you may realize. Microphones can pick up the sound of people typing on keyboards, sipping coffee, etc. Avoid unnecessary noises to prevent distracting other people on the call or preventing others from hearing the message. The best way to do this is to mute your line when you aren’t talking. When you use Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, the leader can mute lines that are making noise, or use a lecture mode that blocks all sounds except the leader’s phone line.

Be Upfront About Call Disruptions

Ideally, you should be in a quiet area if you plan on attending a conference call, but that isn’t always possible. Whether you’re on your office phone or your mobile device, there’s nothing you can do if there’s uncontrollable background noise. When you’re in this situation, it’s vital to let the call leader know what’s happening. Simply explaining the situation can prevent people from assuming that there is something wrong with the line or that you’re disrespectful. You can keep the distraction to a minimum by muting the line when you aren’t speaking.

Start the Meeting on Time

Just like traditional meetings, it’s crucial to start remote sessions on time. Even though there’s no travel time involved with remote meetings, it’s rude to waste the time of participants by arriving late. Call leaders can use some of the advanced features of Together Talk Audio to blast dial all of the participants at the time the meeting is supposed to start. This feature ensures that no one forgets to call at the appointed time. Meeting leaders should also stick to a strict schedule for beginning the actual discussion of their meeting. Small talk is fine when people are first joining the call, but it’s easy to allow pre-meeting discussions to linger and eat into the actual meeting time. Being punctual with conference call start times enables your team to remain professional and accomplish more.

Account for Dead Air

Complete silence on the line, also known as dead air, is the enemy of all conference calls. Silence during a conference call can be confusing to participants. After enough dead air, the other meeting attendees begin wondering if there are technical difficulties or if the call leader doesn’t know what to say. Call leaders can prevent dead air by describing the actions they are taking whenever they aren’t speaking. If you need to look up a file on the computer, explaining the steps can prevent everyone from sitting in silence. For example, “I’m checking my computer right now to find an answer. I’m waiting for the computer to pull up the program I need. I’m looking through John’s file. I found the answer.” By talking through the dead air, you can keep the audience engaged in the meeting and focused on the information you’re about to present.

You can also say, “Let me think on it for a second.” If you know there will be periods of dead air during the meeting, you can plan ahead by including some polling questions to keep the audience engaged. Explaining dead air can prevent the audience from being confused and lets the call proceed normally.

If you would like assistance in planning more effective remote meetings, speak to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group. Learn how your organization can accomplish more with conference calls, video meetings, and webinars.

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