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4 Tips to Help You Make a Good Impression During a Video Meeting

October 18, 2019

Video meetings have become a standard fixture in the modern workplace, thanks to its ability to bring remote workers closer together. Solutions like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group makes it possible for faraway team members to have face-to-face interactions. However, video meetings are a significant change from the traditional meeting dynamic, and meeting attendees need to follow best practices to get the most out of a virtual meeting. Here are four tips from the Conference Group to help you make a good impression during video meetings.

Stay in Front of the Camera

During a remote meeting, participants must fight the temptation to multi-task. Video meetings make it harder to work on something else because everyone can see what you’re doing in the camera. It’s essential to stay in front of the camera during a video meeting because the other attendees will assume you’re not paying attention. When working remotely, something may come up that requires your immediate attention. As a rule of thumb, keep these moments away to a minimum. When possible, excuse yourself, so the group isn’t distracted by wondering where you went.

Make Eye Contact with the Camera

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul because eye movements can give an indication of what someone is thinking or feeling. A furrowed brow or a wide-eyed stare can speak volumes, and smart presenters use eye contact to judge the effectiveness of a presentation. In a video meeting, participants need to look at the camera if they want their eye contact to look natural. When you look directly into the camera, it looks like you’re looking directly at the other people on the call. If you’re looking at the display instead of the camera, it may seem like you’re not paying attention.

Avoiding Typing Whenever Possible

Many people like to take notes on their laptop or PC while they’re in a virtual meeting. While there’s definitely a benefit to taking notes, typing them on a computer can be distracting during a remote session. Computer keys may not be as loud as a typewriter (if anyone remembers what those sound like), but clicking sound will be picked up by the microphone and annoy other people in the meeting. You can eliminate the sound of typing by muting your mic when you’re not speaking. However, the movements your body makes while typing might be visible, and that fidgeting can be just as distracting. At the Conference Group, we have transcription services that can be used to give everyone a perfect record of the meeting without any typing during the session.

Include Every Participant in Discussions

Video meetings are supposed to bring the team closer together, but those efforts can backfire if everyone isn’t included in the discussions. If remote team members are ignored during a meeting, they can end up feeling more isolated from the group. Meeting organizers need to make sure everyone is heard and that everyone gets a chance to contribute. Some people are naturally shy and won’t speak up in meetings unless asked a question. Including every member of the team in the conversation leads to better discussions and helps the team become closer to each other.

Making a good impression during a video meeting also requires an excellent remote meeting service provider. Using a high-quality provider like the Conference Group prevents technical issues that can hurt the quality of video meetings. You can see the benefits of using the Conference Group by signing up for a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Video. And speak to one of our meeting specialists to learn more ways to save time and money on remote meetings.

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