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4 Ways an Operator Can Make Your Conference Call More Effective

4 Ways an Operator Can Make Your Conference Call More Effective
July 1, 2019

As Dean Martin once sang, “Everybody needs somebody sometimes.” For conference call hosts, that somebody is an operator. For certain kinds of conference calls, adding a trained operator, like the ones you can get through the Conference Group, can help the call succeed and eliminate some of the stress on the call leader. Here are four ways an operator can make your conference call more effective.

Better Pre-Call Organization

Operators assist call leaders during the actual session, but the benefits of adding an operator to the conference call team begins long before the event. Operators from the Conference Group can help during the pre-call organization process to ensure the event runs smoothly. Operators can assist with choosing hold music options, creating a greeting script that the operator will use when guest join the call and deciding what information the operator should obtain from each caller.

Greetings and Attendee ID

For most conference calls, the user calls the line and uses an automated system to join the line. An operator immediately makes a conference call more formal and memorable by letting visitors speak to a live person first. An operator also makes it easier to collect information about the attendees of the conference call. When you have an operator, they greet each caller and can note their name and contact information and you can get a copy of the participant list after the call. Operators can also be used to improve meeting security by screening callers against a pre-approved guest list.

Interactive Q&A

Conference calls are more memorable for guests when there are multiple opportunities for audience engagement. When you use Operator Assisted conference calls from the Conference Group, you can use interactive polls and Q&A sessions to keep your audience engaged. The operator can assist with these engagement opportunities in multiple ways. They can read  questions given to them by the presenter, along with the answer options. When hosting a panel discussion, the operator can handle the interaction between attendees and the speakers during your Q&A sessions, which allows the call to remain orderly and well controlled.

More Robust Security

Depending on the nature of the meeting, some conference calls require a higher level of security. This is another area where an operator can make a conference call more effective. For calls about sensitive subjects, such as financial information or product development secrets, it’s vital that only approved members are a part of the call.  When you use Operator Assisted Plus from the Conference Group, you can have an operator screen all of the guests from a pre-approved list provided by the call leader. You can also have the operator require callers to provide a spoken passcode before they are allowed to join the line. The operator can also assist in verifying who is on the line by performing a roll call at the beginning of the meeting.

Speak with a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group if you’re interested in learning more about the way you can operator can make your remote meetings more enjoyable and more productive. The Conference Group also offers a full suite of virtual meeting applications such as video meeting software and webinar tools to help your business succeed.

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