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4 Ways Companies Can Use Webinars to Grow Talent and Increase Sales

4 Ways Companies Can Use Webinars to Grow Talent and Increase Sales
July 8, 2019

Holding meetings in a virtual space creates many opportunities for companies that want to expand their business. There are many reasons for organizations to consider using programs like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group to host virtual meetings. Web meetings and webinars are cost-effective ways to help remote teams, give presentations, and more. Here are four ways that companies can use webinars to increase sales and grow talent in their organization.

Encourage Remote Work Collaboration

Virtual meeting tools, such as conference calls and video meetings, make it easier than ever for workers in different locations to communicate. Web meetings and webinars take things a step further by allowing for more direct collaboration on a project. Together Talk Web from the Conference Group has application sharing and screen sharing features that let remote teams work together as if they were sitting at the same computer. You can even use collaborative notes, so everyone is literally working from the same page.

Virtual Training Programs for Employees

Webinars can be used to host training sessions, and businesses can use this to grow talent in their organization. You can set up webinar training sessions and encourage employees to attend so they can advance their skills. With Together Talk Web, you can record webinar sessions so that the company can create a catalog of courses for virtual training. You can incentivize workers to take these optional courses by linking them to pay raises and promotion opportunities. Utilizing webinars in this way ensures your employees continue to grow and advance.

Host Public Webinars for Marketing Purposes

In the information age, webinars can be an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. By hosting webinars on subjects that will interest their target audience, businesses can reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. Using webinars in this way also has the benefit of showcasing the expertise of an organization. If a company produces educational webinars, it sends a message to visitors that the business knows its industry. Informational webinars can also be used to address questions and concerns that are common among your potential customers. People often search for these questions online, so having a webinar devoted to the answer can increase lead generation from your website.

Present Sales Presentations Remotely

Webinars and web meetings are perfect tools for remote sales presentations. You can present the presentation to multiple audiences at once, and you don’t have to travel to each location. Together Talk Web from the Conference Group has screen sharing, application sharing, and a presenter camera. These features allow your sales team to adapt the regular sales presentation for a remote audience with ease. If you use a PowerPoint presentation, you can open the presentation on your computer and share it with the rest of your audience. Even if you use a whiteboard style presentation, you can set up the HD presenter camera to show the board you’ll be drawing on. These remote sales presentations allow your team to reach more people and find more qualified leads.

If you’re interested in using webinars to improve your organization, sign up for a 30-day free trial of Together Talk Web from the Conference Group. And if you have any questions about the best way to improve your conference calls, video meetings, and webinars, speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group.

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