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4 Ways to Increase Engagement Throughout a Conference Call

June 3, 2019

The key to a successful meeting is keeping your audience engaged for the duration. The longer a session lasts, the more likely it becomes that audience members will stop paying attention. This possibility is an even bigger problem for conference calls since attendees can’t see one another and many meetings offer little opportunities for audience engagement. By using remote meeting tools, like the applications from the Conference Group, it’s possible to incorporate audience participation opportunities from start to finish. Here are four ways to increase engagement throughout a conference call.

Engagement from the Start

Dialing into a conference call line is a mundane part of a remote meeting, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities for engagement. When you use Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, there are advanced features you can use to make calling into your conference calls more engaging from the start. For Scheduled conference calls, we offer a Name Record/Playback feature. When you use this feature, callers are prompted to state their name before they enter the conference. This recording is then played for everyone when the caller joins the meeting. This feature makes calling the line more engaging for the caller, and for people waiting for the conference to begin, they get to hear the voices of everyone who is on the call. It makes the conference call more exciting before it even starts. Similarly, you can use Operator Assisted conference calls to have a greeter who speaks to everyone before they join the line. Besides collecting valuable information and screening participants, having an operator makes the call much more memorable.

Introduce Everyone/Roll Call

Another way to increase engagement during a conference call is to introduce everyone at the meeting. Introductions ensure that everyone is engaged because it will eventually be their turn to speak. You can do this with a quick icebreaker session at the beginning of the conference call. Another option that involves the Operator Assisted conference call feature is a roll call. As the name suggests, the operator reads through a participant list that was provided by the conference leader to take attendance during the call. Like introductions, attendees have to pay attention during a roll call to hear their turn to respond.


Using polls during a conference call can keep your entire audience engaged in the presentation. When you use Together Talk Audio, it’s possible to ask a poll question and gather responses from the audience in an organized manner. An operator from the Conference Group, or the call leader, can ask a question and provide a list of possible answers or responses with corresponding numbers. You can use these questions to see how the group feels about a particular course of action or use them to test how well everyone is paying attention. Either way, once people know that poll questions could be coming, they will prepare by paying attention to the conference call.

Question & Answer

Using question and answer (Q&A) sessions during a conference call is a traditional way to keep people engaged during the call. Q&A sessions are an opportunity for the audience to be heard and it can break up a presentation, so the call isn’t only one person speaking the whole time. When you use the Operator Assisted and Operator Assisted Plus features from Together Talk Audio, you can use our Q&A feature to manage these sections more efficiently. The Q&A tool promotes electronic “hand-raising” where the call leader chooses whose line is heard. This feature prevents everyone from speaking at once and maintains the order of the conference call.

To discuss other ways that your business can host better remote meetings, talk to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group. We can show you how to make your meetings more effective and more affordable.

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