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4 Ways to Repurpose Your Remote Meetings for Marketing

May 10, 2019

The internet and mobile technology have changed the public’s expectations for when content and information should be available. Most consumers want the information they are looking for to be there on demand. You see this in the rise of streaming services and online periodicals, and the trend affects business as well. If a company hosts an online event, people who didn’t attend the live stream expect to find highlights or a recap online. Business leaders can use this trend to their advantage by using their remote meetings as marketing materials.  Here are four ways you can repurpose your remote meetings for marketing purposes.

Record Audio Streams for Website Archives

Many businesses use conference call services, like Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, to host remote meetings with stakeholders, especially when the event involves a large number of attendees. A lot of useful information is shared during these meetings, and it’s worth making it available to people who weren’t on the call. When you use Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, you can get an audio stream of your meeting in an MP3 format. You can add the file to your website so it can be streamed or downloaded by anyone who wants to listen to the meeting. And since the recording is in an MP3 format, it’s compatible with almost every browser, mobile device, and media player.

Create Conference Call Transcripts

When you use the Conference Group, you can request a typed transcription of your conference call. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Microsoft Word document that is sent to the call leader via email. Like audio streams, a transcript makes the content available to people who missed the call, and it has additional benefits. When added to your website, search engines like Google and Bing can’t search your MP3 file, but it can scan the transcript of the call. If someone is searching for something online and the answer was discussed in your remote meeting, a transcript will allow your repurposed conference call to show up in search results. Transcription is also good for accessibility, as it makes the contents of the audio call useful for people with impaired hearing.

Use YouTube Streaming/Video Recording

Depending on the agenda, a video meeting from your organization could have an audience beyond the immediate meeting attendees. When using Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, there are multiple ways to use your video meeting for brand marketing. Video meetings from the Conference Group can be streamed directly to YouTube, which means anyone in the world can watch the meeting without interfering with the proceedings. If your brand’s YouTube channel already has a good following, you can announce upcoming meetings on the platform so people can watch the live stream. Streaming to YouTube also helps with issues of archiving video meetings. Once a stream on YouTube is finished, the content becomes a regular video on the platform. Like audio recording and transcripts, this video on YouTube will provide on-demand access to people who missed the live video meeting.

Make Webinar Recordings

Webinars are a common tactic for reaching potential members of a target audience. Using webinar applications, like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, business leaders can generate interest by hosting content that will appeal to their demographic. This content can be product demonstrations, informative slideshows, or any computer-based presentation. Webinars on Together Talk Web can be recorded, which increases their usefulness. A recorded webinar is available to a potential customer whenever they want to watch it. It turns the webinar from something helpful at a specific place and time, into something that has a much longer shelf life.

There are many ways that using advanced remote meeting tools from the Conference Group can help your business succeed. Speak to one of our Meeting Specialists to learn how you can host meetings that are more effective, efficient and cost-effective.

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