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4 Ways to Use Remote Meetings to Cut Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

November 29, 2019

People are growing more concerned about their environmental impact on the planet, and that can affect the choices they make when choosing which brands to buy or what company to support. Businesses can use this trend to their advantage by making their operations more eco-friendly. When looking for small changes that can have significant impacts on a company’s environmental impact, consider switching to remote meetings tools like the ones from the Conference Group. Here are four ways businesses can use remote meetings to cut their carbon footprint.

Reduce Emission By Eliminating Need to Travel for Meetings

For companies that don’t produce a physical product, traveling is often the largest source of carbon emissions for the organization. International travel is especially problematic since it involves air travel. Businesses that use remote meetings can conduct business meetings around the world without needing to leave their regular location. At the Conference Group, we have conference call services that include International Conference Calls. Similarly, even meetings that would require you to drive across town can be replaced with conference calls. Using remote meetings will reduce a company’s carbon footprint and saves money on travel costs.

Save Energy By Allow Employees to Work Remotely

Another way for businesses to reduce their environmental impact is to use less energy in their buildings. Even though your building has electric,  that power is generated somewhere, and that process has an environmental impact. Allowing employees to work remotely makes it possible for a company to reduce the amount of energy it takes for them to operate. It’s true that employees are using more power at home, but since they pay the bill, each individual will do what they can save energy at their home office. The overall effect is lower energy uses by the organization.

Use Web Meetings to Reduce Need for Office Space

Traditional meetings exist because it’s easier for teams to collaborate when they can communicate quickly and work on things together. In the past, that required having office space devoted to meeting rooms and the equipment to host presentations in that space. Many businesses have several conference rooms in their building. By switching to web meeting tools like Together Talk Web, companies get the same ability to communicate and collaborate in real-time, without all the extra office space. By reducing the need for office space and additional equipment for productive meetings, business owners can save money and reduce their environmental impact by moving to a more eco-friendly office space.

Eliminate Paper Waste By Using Video Meeting Tools and Collaborative Notes

Many businesses produce a lot of paper waste that adds to local landfills and requires a lot of wood to produce. Some businesses use recycling programs to reduce the impact of all of their paper printouts, but it’s better to avoid unnecessary printing whenever possible. By using video meetings and webinars, business leaders can share information on the screen, instead of printing out pages of handout materials. Our system also includes collaborative notes that make it easy for all of the participants to add notes about the meeting or project without everyone using separate sheets of paper.

The best thing about these eco-friendly benefits of using remote meetings is that they also lower operating costs for the company. You can save money while helping to save the planet, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Speak to Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to learn how to make your virtual meetings more effective and affordable.

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