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4 Ways to Use Video Meetings You May Not Have Tried

September 16, 2019

Videos are an excellent tool for engaging with customers and building brand awareness. However, creating video content take more work than written content or photos. However, businesses that use video meeting services, like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, can use these services to help create scenarios for video meetings that can be used to improve perceptions about a brand. Here are four ways to use video meetings to build your brand that you may not have tried yet.


A business is only as strong as the employees who do the work, so business leaders are continuously looking for talented individuals to add to the team. Recruiters can use video meeting services like Together Talk Video to meet face to face with potential candidates without the need for travel. Using video meetings for recruitment can save time and money by eliminating the need to physically travel to the area of a recruitment drive. Video meetings also have the advantage of letting an applicant know that the hiring company uses the latest tech and may be open to remote work opportunities.

Live Streaming Product Demonstrations

The modern marketplace is filled with so many brands and products that consumers are often left guessing about who makes the best version of a particular item. Part of the issue is that written product descriptions and carefully placed photos can mask significant problems with a product. If you want your target audience to take a chance on a new product, use live demonstrations to show how well it works. If you’ve ever seen someone selling knives in a department store, you’ve seen how a live demo can turn something ordinary into a must-have item. Retailers can use Together Talk Video to make product demonstration videos that are streamed live to the company’s YouTube page. This video can be used to showcase key features of the item, and to answer questions from the audience.

Facilitate Panel Discussions

One of the keys to successful online marketing is to create content that answers questions your target consumer may have. This tactic ensures that when people search for the answer to your industry-related question, there’s a chance your site will appear in the search results. An easy way to create content that’s valuable to consumers is to host a panel discussion with subject matter experts from the company. With the multi-camera setup that’s possible with Together Talk Video, each person would have a camera to show their face to other participants and the audience.   Like the product demonstrations, these discussions can be streamed to YouTube, where a broader audience can see them. Be sure to give your video meeting a title that has keywords people search for when researching your industry.

Customer Service

Video meetings can also be used to provide customer service support to specific individuals. While it’s possible to handle customer service issues in other ways, giving consumers the option to schedule a video call lets the customer know that the company cares. Using video meetings to improve customer service is a way to maintain the one-on-one interaction that people get when they’re in the store. Providing efficient and effective customer service is vital for any business that needs repeat business and positive referrals to continue making money.

See for yourself what video meetings can do for your organization by signing up for a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Video from the Conference Group. And if you have any questions about using virtual meetings to save time and make meetings more efficient, talk to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group.

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