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4 Ways Virtual Meetings Can Save Your Company Money

September 18, 2019

Meetings are an essential part of the modern workplace, and companies spend a significant portion of their budgets on planning and executing their meeting strategy. Meetings are too valuable to eliminate them. Business leaders that want to save money for their company should consider using virtual meeting services, such as those provided by the Conference Group. Here are four ways that virtual meeting services can save your company money.

Reduce Meeting Related Travel Expenses

One of the most evident benefits of virtual meetings is that it reduces (or eliminates) the cost associated with traveling for a meeting. Rather than pay for transportation, lodging, and more, attending a remote meeting only requires equipment that most people already have. As long as you have a computer, smartphone, or landline, you can use meeting services from the Conference Group to connect distant employees. The cost of remote meeting services pays for itself in travel cost savings for the company.

Save on Overhead Costs

Even when there’s no travel involved, using remote meeting tools can cut costs in other ways. It takes electricity to run the lights in a meeting room, and the paper handouts (that often end up in the trash later) cost money to produce. When you use the Conference Group, you remove the need for expense projector equipment since that can be handled by screen sharing and application sharing. Having agendas attached to meeting invites eliminates the printing costs associated with traditional meetings. All of these small savings add up to significant cost reductions for business owners.

Eliminate the Need for Multiple Meetings

When a large organization needs to share information with their employees, they often rely on a series of meetings to give everyone a chance to hear the news. This tactic isn’t needed when you have access to the recording features you can use on Together Talk Audio or the streaming services for Together Talk Web and Together Talk Video. These features make it possible to save the meeting, so you only need to do it once. You can record the meeting, training session, etc. so employees who couldn’t attend the initial meeting can get the information. This tactic reduces the amount of time business leaders need to spend giving the same presentation.

Increases Productivity

By eliminating the time wasted on traveling to meetings, virtual meeting services from the Conference Group can make employees more productive, which means more revenue for the company. Similarly, virtual meeting makes it easier to reach out to clients and coworkers who can help the team accomplish more. And with virtual meetings helping things to run more smoothly, the business can sell more than they would have otherwise.

Using virtual meetings, along with smarter organizational tactics, can help businesses accomplish more while paying less for their company meetings. If you have any questions about ways to use the Conference Group services to help your company improve, speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group. And if you’re ready to start saving on conference calls, video meetings, and webinars, you can sign up today!

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