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4 Ways You Can Use Video Meetings to Improve Your Business

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May 8, 2019

Over the past 20 years, online video has gone from being a rarity to something we stream in real time at high definition. This change has been very beneficial for businesses, who can benefit from using video content to promote their services and video meetings to connect with potential customers. Video meetings tools, like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group,  can help companies cut costs, improve recruitment, and even increase sales. Here are four ways you can use video meetings to improve your business.

Face-to-Face Meetings with Remote Employees

Video meetings are used most often to conduct face-to-face meetings remotely. With Together Talk Video, you can hold meetings with employees in different parts of the building or on the other side of the world. Video meetings make it easier for businesses to allow their employees to work remotely without any loss in functionality. A worker can give a live presentation just as if they were in the same room as you. For businesses with multiple work locations, tools like Together Talk Video can lead to significant cost savings. It’s more cost effective to have members meet remotely than to pay for travel expenses.

Conduct Video Interviews

Video Meetings can be a powerful tool for conducting interviews, which can improve a company’s recruitment efforts. For many jobs, the final step is a face-to-face interview. By using video meetings for these interviews, a company can reach a larger pool of qualified candidates. Recruiters can expand their search to areas without blowing their travel budget. By using tools like conference calls, video meetings, and webinars, businesses can allow more employees to work remotely, which further increases the number of candidates that can be considered. Another benefit to using the Conference Group is that it’s possible to record an interview or get a transcript, so it’s easier to review the best candidates before making a final decision.

Present Sales Presentation

Many people in sales rely on face-to-face interactions to make the best case for the product they’re selling. When using Together Talk Video, a sales team can have a face-to-face conversation with prospects, easily share their screens, and share applications. You can even have your team give a group presentation where each team member passes presenter controls to someone else once it’s their turn to present. Video meetings with Together Talk Video can also be used to make sales more cost-effective. The sales team spends less time and money traveling to meet prospects. Plus, with multiple cameras and streaming options, a presentation can be given to many people at once. You can try these strategies for yourself by signing up for a free 30-day trial of Together Talk Video.

Create and Stream Video Content for Target Audience

One of the many advantages of using Together Talk Video is that you can stream your content to your company’s YouTube page. This feature creates many opportunities for a business to create video marketing materials for the company. For example, you can live stream a video meeting where your team gives a presentation about your services. Once the stream is finished, the video would be saved to YouTube and can be viewed by people who are curious about your products. You can do the same thing with interviews with executives in the company. Conduct an interview with the CEO about your industry and stream it online. The discussion will be a powerful marketing tool that lets visitors know about your company and establishes you as a knowledgeable force in your industry.

There are many ways that the Conference Group can help your business accomplish more and save money at the same time. Speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group to discuss some of the ways we can help your organization.

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