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5 Popular Webinar Formats Your Business Should Try

November 13, 2019

The versatility of webinars make them the perfect tool for businesses that want to interact with their audience in unique ways. Webinar platforms like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, allow companies to use a combination of audio, video, and computer applications to engage with their target consumer. Here are five popular webinar formats that businesses should try to reach new consumers.

Single Expert Presenter

The most basic form of a webinar is one that has a single presenter who uses the system to give a presentation. The presentation could feature live video from the presenter and include things like a slideshow application. Every business has employees who could be considered experts in their industry, so any organization can use this format. All you need is one expert to share their insights or tips.

Dual Presenters

The host of your webinar is part of the appeal, so adding more expert opinions can increase the appeal to the target audience. Having two presenters also takes all the pressure off of one individual. A second presenter can offer alternative strategies and help the presentation in other ways. For example, having members from two departments in an organization can let the duo discuss the topic from multiple angles. The additional point of view helps engage and educate the audience and may allow you to share more information about the company.


A panel discussion grabs the attention of a target audience in several ways. Typically, panel webinars are most focused on their broad topic than the individual presenters. An issue that brings several speakers together will be more appealing to the public because it touches on various subject matters. And popular speakers can increase webinar attendance by merely being part of the presentation. Panels offer multiple viewpoints and keep things lively with vigorous discussion.  With Together Talk Web, you can have multiple video feeds, so your panel doesn’t have to be in the same place.

Q&A Webinar

Another accessible format is to host a Q&A session. These webinars create an excellent opportunity to engage with your target audience while showing off your organization’s expertise. Since the content of these webinars depends on the audience, you need a way to get live questions. When using virtual meeting tools from the Conference Group, you can stream your webinar on platforms like YouTube and use the live chat to take questions from the audience. You can also take questions from people via social media.

Product Demonstration

Webinars can be used to educate your target audience about your products by performing live demonstrations. The demonstration can show people how to use your products to accomplish ordinary tasks or to highlight a use that users may not realize. These demonstrations can be saved and uploaded to the organization’s social media channels. If the goal of your webinar is to promote a product, then you can choose the product demonstration or tutorial format.

You can try these webinar formats for yourself by getting a free, 30-day trial from Together Talk Web. Experiment with different webinar formats to find what works best for your organization and target audience.

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