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5 Tips for a Successful Remote Demo Presentation

December 2, 2019

Companies can use their video meeting tools, like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group to showcase their products with remote demo presentations. In these meetings, a business leader shows their audience how a product works and explains some highlights about the item. Remote demo presentations are a great way to save time and money on getting your message to a target audience. Here are five tips from the Conference Group for successful demo presentations.

Use High-Quality Video Meeting Services

No matter how good your planned presentation is, it can be ruined by poor video meeting services. You could make a bad first impression by using a video service with a poor connection, or that has pixelated video. Together Talk Video from the Conference Group has stable connections and uses HD video. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Together Talk Video to see how good it is for yourself.

Prepare a Script

Presenters need to sound confident when doing a demo presentation and that requires a script. People can tell when someone doesn’t know what to say next. Furthermore, the presentation will lack the logical progression that comes with a script. When writing the script, presenters should try to keep each section short, precise, and easy to understand. To prevent the presentation from being dull, work in bold statements, humor, or other elements to capture the audience’s attention.

Practice the Full Presentation

A solid script is a good start for a presentation, but presenters need to practice the entire presentation from beginning to end. These rehearsals will make the speaker sound more natural and helps them give the presentation without reading from their notes. Practice sessions can also be used to identify quiet sections that need to be filled in. For example, if you notice that it takes 30 seconds for the product to finish a task, make sure you have something to say during those 30 seconds, so it’s not dead air.

Anticipate Questions

Questions can be one of the scariest parts of public speaking because you’re giving control to someone, and you don’t know what they will ask. Getting blindsided by an unexpected question can take the wind out of the sail of a demo presentation. For this reason, presenters need to think about all of the questions that the audience may have, including the negative questions. It’s essential to know how you will handle difficult questions that may come up in the presentation. Give your practice presentation to coworkers and family members, then ask for any questions they can think of asking. This preparation will help the actual demo presentation run more smoothly.

Provide Pertinent Examples of How the Product Can Help the Audience

When giving demo presentations, it’s essential for the presenter to adapt their script for a particular audience. One way to do this is to tailor the specific examples used in the presentation, so it’s more relevant to the audience. Researching your target demographic can help you identify potential avenues that can be used to capture their attention. In the end, each presentation should make it clear to the audience how they personally will benefit from using the product featured in the demo.

For more advice on making your demo presentations and other video meetings more productive, talk to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group. These professionals can show you how to get more from your remote meetings while saving money in the process.

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