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5 Ways to Choose Your Next Webinar Topic

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November 11, 2019

One of the keys to a successful webinar is choosing a topic that captures the interests of your target audience. Choosing such an issue is easier said than done, and many businesses struggle to think of webinar offerings that can draw a crowd. Even when using a superior webinar platform like Together Talk Web, choosing an appropriate topic is essential for success. Here are five strategies you can use to select your next webinar topic.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Most companies know the best topic for a webinar already but don’t realize it. The most common questions that customers ask are an excellent place to mine for webinar topics. The questions reveal what matters to your target consumer. Every item in a FAQ points to an underlying concern that speaks to your target audience. If people frequently ask if your product is environmentally friendly, a webinar about sustainability in your industry could attract your ideal customer. If people ask how much it costs, consider doing a webinar about ways to save money by using your service. With a little work, most FAQ questions can become the source of webinar topics.

Use Website Traffic Data

Companies that have many options for webinar topics can use their website to help them decide. By using website traffic data from a program, like Google Analytics, you can see what the top-performing pages on your site are. The most popular pages show which content captures your typical visitor the most. If your site allows comments, the pages that generate the most discussion are something else to consider. Similarly, popular social media posts from your channels make good choices for webinar topics.

Get Idea From Sales Team

The sales team for a company have direct content with potential customers, which gives them considerable insight into what your target audience cares about. They may have specific ideas about webinar topics that could attract customers. It’s also a good idea to run your webinar topics by the sales team to see if it’s something they think will interest the typical customer.

Poll Your Audience

Depending on the amount of contact you have with your target audience, you can use polls to influence your decision on webinar topics that will be useful. Polling works in any situation where you have an audience that is a sample of your target consumer. For example, polling your social media audience can point you in the right direction for webinar topics. If you’re hosting a virtual meeting using a service from the Conference Group, you poll the members of your audience to find out which topic interests them the most.

Look to the Competition

Though you don’t want to copy the ideas of your competitors completely, looking at the topics used in other successful webinars can be a useful brainstorming tool. You can approach the same problem from a different angle or highlight an aspect where your company outperforms its rivals.

If you want to try some of these webinar ideas for yourself, you can get a free 30-day trial of Together Talk Web from the Conference Group.

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