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7 Strategies for Getting More Leads From Your Webinars

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December 11, 2018

Despite the wide range of marketing tactics available to business owners, webinars remain a popular and effective way to generate leads. According to, 73 percent of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads. There are several good reasons you should consider hosting a webinar using tools like Together Talk Web. Just from the registration process, webinars provide a large amount of information about the attendees that can be used to identify high-quality, sales-ready leads. From start to finish, here are seven strategies you can use to gain more leads from your webinars.

Choose a Topic That Will Attract Your Customers

The first step to creating an effective webinar for lead generation is to choose a topic that will attract potential customers. It may be tempting to do this on your own, but it’s better to spend time brainstorming and researching the best options with the help of others. Start by talking to your sales team to learn what are common questions and concerns they hear from customers. Creating a webinar around the sales team’s suggestions can help attract the people most likely to become customers. You should also conduct SEO research to find the topics your audience is searching for online and title your webinar accordingly.

Find the Best Time for Your Audience

Choosing the right time for a webinar is just as important as picking the right topic. The right time can vary greatly by your location and industry. According to one report, the best time for a one-hour webinar in the U.S. is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. They also reported that Tuesday and Wednesday are slightly more popular than other weekdays, though Thursday is also a common choice. In Europe and the UK, webinars are most common from  8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Keep in mind any events, holidays or industry-related issues that could prevent people from attending your webinar.

Decide on the Right Webinar Format

A webinar is simply an online presentation to a group and there are many different formats business owners can use to create a webinar that will attract potential customers. The basic webinar is an educational presentation. These can be effective, but after years of seeing them, audiences may be bored with presentations that are mostly slideshows. It can be worthwhile to try a different format. For example, presenting a case study is a good way to educate potential customers about the real-world uses of your product to solve a particular problem. You can also consider hosting a panel discussion, which creates more reasons for people to come to the event, since there will be a diverse set of viewpoints. Search online to find out which webinar format seems to be the most popular with your target audience.

Select the Most Appropriate Presenter

Besides having a good topic, time and format, the headline speaker of your webinar is important. This doesn’t mean that small businesses need to have a celebrity host their webinar, but choosing the right person in your company to host the webinar can attract more people. If there is a disconnect between the topic and the planned speaker, it could make your potential audience think the webinar won’t be useful. If your audience is primarily business owners, you may want to have your CEO speak during the webinar. If the topic is technology related, you should consider having the lead engineer or the head of the IT department head give the presentation.

Promote Your Webinar to a Target Audience

Once you’ve planned and scheduled your webinar, you need to get information about the event in front of the members of your target audience. You can’t expect potential attendees to stumble on information about the webinar. It’s almost a necessity that you promote your webinar through PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and social media content.  You should also create a landing page for the webinar to link from your PPC ads and social media posts. Using a landing page allows more space to give details about the webinar to entice potential customers.

Craft Compelling Content

Getting people to attend your webinar is only half the battle for lead generation. The content you present during the webinar needs to be compelling and designed to move your audience to action. This doesn’t mean webinars should turn into a sales pitch. A good piece of advice to remember is “Teach, don’t preach.”  Don’t explicitly sell or demo your product unless your webinar was promoted as a product demonstration. If your content has set up and addressed the situation that attracted your audience to the webinar, it will create an interest in your services from your audience. If your webinar content is done well, it will naturally drive attendees to want to see what you can do to help with the situation you described.

Send a Follow Up Email

The best strategy for generating leads through webinars is to follow up with attendees once the webinar is finished. You want to keep your business in the mind of the people who signed up for the webinar and there are several ways you can do this. The simplest thing you can do is send out a survey asking for feedback on the presentation. It reminds them of the presentation and allows you to collect valuable information to make your next webinar better. It’s also a good idea to have supplemental content that can be sent to webinar attendees after the event. This can be something like an ebook, a helpful checklist based on the topic covered, or a blog post that brings them back to the company website. You can even follow up with people that signed up for the webinar but didn’t attend by sending them a link to a recording of the webinar. There are a lot of ways to follow up with webinar attendees and each time is another chance to convert a webinar attendee into a customer.

If you have questions about ways you can use webinars to improve your business’s reputation and generate leads, visit the link below to speak to a meeting specialist from The Conference Group.

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