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7 Tips for Remote Professionals

For a long time, being able to work from home was a lofty dream for many workers. However, with the advent of computers and the internet, many people can do their job from any place with electricity and an internet connection. However, just because it has become easier to work remotely doesn’t mean that remote work is easy. Here are seven tips for remote professionals to help them get the maximum benefit from their time working remotely.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

The first step to becoming an effective remote worker is to set up a dedicated space for work. It’s tempting to think of your entire home as your office, but this can cause productivity issues. Keeping all of the things you need for work, along with anything created for work, in one location will help you stay organized. Similarly, keeping your designated workspace distraction free can help reduce the temptation to slack off when working from home.

Keep in Contact with Coworkers

Being able to spend less time with your coworkers might be seen as a benefit for some people, but it’s important for remote workers to keep in contact with the rest of the team. This is where remote meeting tools, such as conference calls and video meetings, come into play. Even if everyone isn’t in the same place, taking the time to hold a meeting will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Maintaining contact with coworkers also helps remote workers keep the cohesion that would present if everyone worked in the same office.

Invest in Reliable Technology for Your Home Office

One of the challenges of remote work is that the professional is responsible for providing the infrastructure that a business owner would normally provide for the office. While most people already have a computer and an internet connection, it’s important to make sure your technology at home is up to the task. This might mean paying for a faster internet plan, getting a better router or upgrading your home computer. This is especially true if you will be required to be part of an online webinar of video meeting. You don’t want to have your internet cut out during a meeting or have a slow computer trying to load materials during a webinar.

Create a Work Schedule

Having a schedule can help remote workers get the most out of their time away from the office. When you’re in an office, the workflow is dictated by your boss, coworkers and hours of the facility itself. These issues are less important when working remotely, so establishing a time when you will be at your workstation and what you will be doing while you’re there can keep you on task. This way, you aren’t working too much or too little when you’re away from the office.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Separation

Many workers are concerned with keeping a healthy work-life balance, but for remote workers, it may be more important to keep your work life and your personal life separate. For example, remote workers will often get emails and other work-related communications at odd hours. To prevent working all day, remote workers need to know when to log off from work. Similarly, even if your friends and family know you work from home, you can’t keep stopping to chat or sending text messages. Maintaining a healthy work-life separation is good for managing workplace stress and improves productivity.

Group Together Meetings and Appointments

Remote workers often use tools such as video meeting and conference calls to help stay in touch with coworkers and to interact with clients. It’s best to try and bundle these meetings together in blocks so you aren’t constantly starting and stopping your projects. Remember to schedule enough time for each meeting, including extra time for when meetings go longer than expected. People who use remote meeting products from the Conference Group can utilize our TTConnex mobile app to keep track of your meeting schedule.

Make Time for Social Interactions

There are a lot of benefits to working from home, but it’s important to make time for social interactions. Interacting with people is important for good mental health, but it’s easy to slip into becoming a hermit when you don’t have to leave the house. You can do this by scheduling a time to hang out with friends, meeting with other the remote workers in your team for lunch, or joining an online community related to your field. You wouldn’t stay in your regular office 24 hours a day, and it’s the same for your home office. Anything that gets you away from the work environment and around other people on a regular basis is a good idea when you’re working remotely.

To learn how your company can use remote meeting tools from the Conference Group to let your team effectively work remotely, visit our website to speak to one of our meeting specialists.

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