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Do You Need Operator Assisted Conference Calling?

Sometimes, balancing tasks on the job can be a juggling act. Especially in today’s fast paced, “needed it yesterday” business world. Often, managers are tasked with getting everyone on together for scheduled meetings and impromptu conferences.

You must decide on a time and place that works for everyone, send out invites, prepare talking points, take notes, manage meeting participation, and worry about the confidentiality of the information that will be shared during the call.

Conference calling, as you already know, is an excellent service for gathering people together from anywhere in the world, but without assistance, you are still responsible for organizing and managing the call and all of the follow-up. This is where having an operator to assist you before and after the call can really help save you time and stress.

Here are some situations where using an operator assisted conference calling service can help.

Confidential Information Exchange

There are times when meetings cover confidential information, such as those involving investments, financial disclosures or other legal matters. With an operator assisted calling service, you can screen participants, set a highly restricted participant list with a verbal passcode, lock conferences from allowing new participants and securely record meetings for the archives or future analyses.

Tracking Attendance

With today’s remote work environment and the occasional need for mandatory meetings, tracking attendance is necessary. Similarly, knowing that everyone stayed on the line for the duration of a conference can be a challenge for meeting organizers. For a single person trying to manage a conference call on their own, keeping up with attendance can be tedious and ensuring everyone stayed on the line for the duration of the call is nearly impossible. When you add an operator to your team, not only can they take roll for you at the start of the call, they can also provide leaders with an attendance report that will include the caller ID and their entry and exit times of participants.

Busy Schedules

These days everyone is busy, jumping from one project to the next. This can make it tough for team leaders to strategize before the start of a meeting. The best conference calling services keep this in mind and will offer call leaders with a pre-conference host room. These “rooms” allow conference leaders to dial in ahead of the conference to speak privately amongst themselves, and with the operator, to review essential talking points or instructions prior to the conference.

Large Group Meetings

Operator assisted conference calling is perfect for companies of any size but ideal for large companies and meetings with large groups of people. When you are meeting with a large group of people, especially on a conference line, there are many issues that can get in the way of an efficient call. There will be times when people will be talking over each other. Questions will be asked at inappropriate times, and there can be background noise from participants not placing themselves on mute when they’re not speaking.

When you use an operator assisted calling service, many of these issues will handled for you and in a respectful and organized manner. Operators will have the ability to set the conference to lecture mode by placing participants in “listen only mode” and help leaders answer questions more efficiently with a question and answer function that allows electronic hand-raising. These features will keep the meeting on task and the participation more structured, saving valuable time and money.

If you would like to learn more about how an operator assisted conference calling service can help save you and your company time and money, as well as help you with efficient communications with your team and clients, contact The Conference Group today.

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