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Five Conference Call Benefits for You and Your Business

Along with modern technology, today’s workforce and businesses are always evolving, and that has made coming together easier than ever before. Companies are no longer bound by offices and conference rooms. Workers can work from anywhere, anytime and clients can work with companies all around the globe. That is why conference calling has become one of the essential components of doing business.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not conference calling can benefit you and your company, check out these five benefits.

Easy to Facilitate

Traditional meeting can take a lot of time to setup and require a little more work to accommodate participants. Facilitators have to set up a room, print materials, make coffee, and still prep talking points and more.

Conference calls, on the other hand, are much easier to facilitate. They eliminate the need for time wasters like setting up the conference rooms or preparing refreshments, and they make getting everyone together easier. And, if you add operator assisted services to the call, you can take your meetings to the next level. Operators can greet participants, help you with roll call, question and answer sessions and more. Leaving you with more time to focus on the meeting’s goal.

Cost Effective

Hosting in-person meetings not only cost time to setup and the cost of printed materials and refreshments, they often require travel for one or more participants. Travel costs can get quite expensive and time spent in traffic is valuable time that could be spent on more profitable tasks.

According to recent data cited on, the average cost of business travel is $321 per day, not including air fare and time away from the office. And, it cost a company up to an average of $1.413 every time an employee is sent on a business trip. Often, these trips can be eliminated with a conference call. Saving time and money.

Foster Better Relationships

Being successful in business is all about good relationships and communication is the key to supporting those relationships. Conference calling makes communicating more accessible and more cost effective. Making it possible to stay in touch more frequently.

You can come together anytime to brainstorm ideas on the fly with ondemand conference calling, handle problems that arise immediately, and schedule regular project updates and more with operator assisted conference calling. Conference calling keeps you more connected than ever before.

Meeting Recordings or Transcription

Note taking has always been essential during meetings. With traditional note taking, sometimes crucial information can be missed. That missing information could cost your company time, money and potentially client relationships. Therefore, it is essential to have a backup.

When you choose the right conference calling service, you will have access to a recording and/or transcription of your meeting.  Providing you with both an audio recording and written document of your meeting that can prove to be a valuable asset for discovering new information, researching the name of a participant or remembering an essential piece of information to get started on a project.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Today, people and companies are more concerned with the environment and many companies are making efforts to lessen their carbon footprint. By hosting conference calls, companies are able to reduce their impact on the environment. Conference calling eliminates the need for travel, thereby eliminating the carbon emissions from vehicles. Additionally, meeting materials can be shared with participants electronically to reduce paper waste.

Take a look at how The Conference Group can help your company set up the conference calling service that is right for you. Get low per-minute rates along with a variety of features to help make every call more productive and improve the efficiency of your business communications.

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