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High Touch Operator Assisted Calls

April 25, 2018

Achieving success with audio conference calls means more than just getting people on the line.

Great audio conferencing has to do with supporting the connections that people are making. That often requires a level of customer service that goes beyond the basics.

Here are some of the biggest values of high touch operator assisted audio conference calls.

Dedicated Operators

The best operator assisted audio calls are supported by dedicated operators. That means the client gets someone who is highly trained and always available to ensure a smooth, organized experience throughout the call. These operators will help with all aspects of the audio conference from advanced scheduling to roll call to initiating question and answer sessions.

Realtime Technical Support

Occasionally unexpected issues can arise during a call. In many cases, it is just a matter of someone hitting the wrong button or a participant doesn’t know how to use a feature. When there is a trained operator available, he or she can easily resolve these situations in a matter of seconds. This gets everyone back to business.

Dealing with Multiple Parties

A lot of the work of multiline audio conference calls happens before people pick up the phones. Calls have to be scheduled; participants have to be notified; and conferences have to be structured. All of this takes work.

Good audio conference call service companies know this, and they have protocols in place for notification, scheduling, and confirmation. Instead of just managing things in a simple online calendar, they take a dedicated approach to ensure every audio conference is organized and runs smoothly. That means more documentation and more of a “high touch” personal approach.

Call Formats

These highly trained call operators can also assist with calls that are in different formats.

Suppose you have a lecture first, and a question-and-answer session afterward. Operators can place callers in “listen only” mode where only the conference leader can be heard and then will initiate the Q & A session afterwards by giving participants electronic “hand-raising” capabilities. This helps keep lectures and presentations on task and can make interactions during the call a breeze.

Who Can Use Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing

Operator assisted audio conferencing is ideal for companies who want a more formal, rigorous structure for their conference calls or for calls with a large number of participants where call quality and organized interactions are important.

This type of service can be very valuable to clients who are trying to arrange radio and press tours. They might have VIP guests, such as a celebrity or other prominent speakers. Making the delivery of excellent audio quality and production very important.

High touch operator services can also be great for companies trying to bring together many remote teams. Other clients are handling sensitive information, such as investor relations, earnings reports and legal proceedings that often need a higher level of service and confidentiality. All of this can be well served by sophisticated audio conferencing assistance.

Talk to The Conference Group about using high touch operator assisted audio conferencing for your next audio meeting.


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