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How Secure Are Your Conference Calls?

October 4, 2019

Security is more important than ever for businesses. Whether it’s personal information or trade secrets, bad actors are looking for opportunities to make off with something valuable. While much of the focus is on computer data security, it’s equally essential for businesses to ensure their conference calls are secure. If you haven’t given much thought before, now is an excellent time to ask: How secure are your conference calls?

Conference calls are an excellent tool for holding remote meetings with large audiences. With Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, you can have meetings with hundreds of attendees. You can even set up a call with thousands of callers, though it takes a little extra preparation. As the number of people who are on the call increases, so does the risk of security breaches.

Traditionally, users join a conference call by using an access code that was provided in the email invitation. However, even if the access code is meant for a particular person, anyone who knows the code can join the call and hear the information that is shared. The first step to keeping a conference call secure is only sharing the access information with people you know won’t give it out to unauthorized parties.

If it’s not apparent that a conference call isn’t for the general public, it’s a good idea to make it clear in the invitation that the meeting is only for the person addressed in the invite. This strategy prevents situations where an unauthorized person joins a conference call because they heard about it online or from a coworker in another department.

Depending on the nature of the call, business leaders may want more security than relying on the callers to obey the honor system. At the Conference Group, we help businesses that need a more secure conference call by providing an Operator Assisted conference call feature. Our trained operators can help maintain call security in multiple ways.

Rather than rely on access codes, Operator Assisted conference calls can use verbal passcodes as an additional form of security. When the user calls the line, they will be greeted by the operator, then asked a security question before the caller is allowed to enter. A benefit of this tactic is that the passcode phrase can be changed if it gets compromised.

Conference call organizers can also give the operator an approved caller list. When users call the line, they will be screened by the operator to ensure that they are on the approved list of guests for the event. Besides adding a layer of security, the screening also makes the conference call feel more formal and provides an opportunity for the call organizer to collect some information about the people who attend the meeting.

Operators from the Conference Group can also perform a roll call before the meeting begins. This final check ensures that everyone who needs to be on the call is there, and it’s a chance for the call organizer to listen for any voices that don’t belong. It’s the conference call equivalent of being able to see everyone’s face. If your colleague from Texas suddenly develops an Australian accent, it’s a sign you should double check that the right person is on the line.

The nature of access codes make conference call security tricky, but not impossible. The Conference Group has various techniques call organizers can use to ensure that their information isn’t shared with the wrong people.

To learn more about the ways the Conference Group can help businesses host better, more secure, and cost-effective meetings, speak to one of our Meeting Specialist. They can help you choose the right services to help your organization accomplish more while saving money.

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