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How to Choose the Best Time for a Meeting

How to Choose the Best Time for a Meeting
June 14, 2019

Meetings are valuable tools that can help organizations communicate, cooperate, and collaborate more effectively. The most effective meetings are the ones where all of the critical stakeholders are gathered to make a decision. Bringing people together for a meeting can be challenging since everyone has different schedules. Thanks to remote meeting tools, like those from the Conference Group, it’s easier to hold meetings at any time of day. Here are some tips you can use to choose the best time for a meeting.

The first thing that a meeting organizer needs to realize is that it’s typically not a good idea to choose an arbitrary date and expect everyone to reschedule their lives accordingly. This tactic works with employees who have no choice in the matter. However, when you’re dealing with anyone who has the option to not go to a meeting, it’s vital to select a time that works for the audience.

When planning a meeting, find out who the most critical people are and pick a meeting time that fits their schedule. If the session is with a client or customer, their schedule will dictate when the meeting will happen. When the meeting is for a team making a decision, the meeting time is focused on the most senior people in the group. Working around the schedules of others will take some juggling. Create suggested times that fit the plans of the most critical members of the meeting.

A valuable piece of advice for planning a meeting is to not blindly ask all of the attendees times that work. There are too many possible times, and there are no guarantees that attendees will share an available time. It’s more useful to give your team members a selection of good times from which to choose. This method makes it easier for everyone to agree to select a time since they can check their calendars to see what works for them.

Be sure to get approval from the primary stakeholders and decision makers. Avoid committing to a date and time for the meeting until you get confirmation from the key players. This avoids situations where everyone is set for a particular time, only to have it changed to meet the needs of critical meeting attendees.

Conventional wisdom says that it’s best to avoid meetings on Monday, Fridays, and the days before holidays. Many people will use vacation time on these days to create three-day weekends. As the planned attendance of your meeting grows, the less likely it becomes that everyone will be free on a given Monday or Friday. For productivity and participation reasons,  the middle three days of the work week are better suited for conducting meetings.

Meeting organizers should also be careful to schedule enough time in between meetings. When you use Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, you can use the TTConnex mobile app to keep track of your remote meetings. TTConnex will sync to your Conference Group account and display a list of the current audio conference cards you have available for use.

If you need some assistance planning more effective meetings, speak to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group. We can show you how to get more from your gatherings while saving money on your remote meeting costs.

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