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How to Customize a Space for Video Meetings

October 21, 2019

One of the benefits of using video meetings is that any location can be turned into a meeting space. With Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, business leaders can create their video feed by using external cameras or the cameras on laptops and mobile devices. This flexibility means a video meeting can be done anywhere. However, to get the best results when participating in a video meeting, attendees need to think carefully about where their meeting space. Here are a few things to consider when customizing a space for video meetings.

Proper lighting is essential for being a part of a video meeting. Not only does good lighting makes it easier to see, but the brighter image also helps participants pay concentration during the video meeting. If the speaker can’t be seen during a video meeting, the other attendees can get distracted. Having everyone in well-lit areas can make it seem like the team is in the same room.

The lighting a room that will be used for video meetings, try to keep the light uniform throughout the room. Differences in light sources can lead to shadows appearing on the video feed. Also, the light source should be in front of the person in the video. If the light source is behind them, their face would be covered by shadow. Indirect fluorescent lighting works best for ensuring a consistent brightness. Natural lighting from windows may bring sharp contrast in the room and cause dark areas in a camera view. If natural lighting creates a problem, closing the window shades can make it feel like the room is getting more light.

When there is more than one person a video meeting location, meeting organizers need to think about the size of the meeting space and the size of the display. Larger groups require a bigger meeting space, and the bigger the group, the larger the display needs to be. You want a display that can be seen by all of the participants. You don’t want everyone huddled around a tiny screen if it’s avoidable. Furthermore, meeting organizers should test their video feed to ensure everyone in the room can be seen.

Open-air offices have grown in popularity over the past decade, and these offices can create a challenge when hosting video meetings. If the group doesn’t have access to a traditional conference room, they will need to create an area where the group can gather for a video meeting. Most open offices have small huddle spaces that are designed to allow a group of employees to meet for short discussions and collaboration.

These spaces can be perfect for hosting virtual meetings. The ideal huddle space has collaborative space and degree of privacy that prevents the group from disturbing the other workers in the office. It should also have a TV, LCD or LED monitor, a small central table that allows for sitting or standing, and an interactive or regular whiteboard. These areas make the most of an open office floor plan and can help remote workers feel connected to the team.

If you want to host more effective and efficient video meetings, try a free, 30-day trial of Together Talk Video from the Conference Group. And speak to a meeting specialist if you have any questions about choosing the best video conference solution for your organization.

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