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How to Effectively Host a Large Conference Call

October 14, 2019

One of the advantages of using conference calls for virtual meetings is that they are easy to scale. A conference call can be used for a group of three people or a group of three thousand, and it’s simply a matter of having the proper infrastructure to handle the call and to have systems in place to ensure things go smoothly. With decades of experience with providing high-quality conference call services, the Conference Group knows how to handle meetings with more attendees than usuals. Here are some tips to help you effectively host a large conference call.

The first step to a successful conference call with a high attendance is to use a service provider that can handle the call. Connecting a large number of phone lines to a single conference isn’t something ever remote meeting service provider can do. If you need to host a large conference call, Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group is up to the task. We have robust systems that can handle large volume conference calls. When using our self-service, on-demand system, we limit calls to 300 participants. However, all you need to do is let us know you need something bigger, and we can prepare a conference call line that can handle thousands of callers.

The larger a conference call gets, the harder it becomes for a single call organizer to handle everything on their own. When working with the Conference Group, meeting organizers can add a dedicated operator from the Conference Group to help with various aspects of managing the call. If there are any issues, the call leader has a backdoor line to speak with the operator who can handle any problems that arise during the call.

Depending on the nature of the meeting, some conference calls will require audience participation. An attendee may be expected to speak about an issue during the call, or there may be opportunities for audience Q&A. It’s vital to keep the discussion orderly; otherwise, you’ll end up with dozens of people trying to speak at once. This potential problem is another area where an operator from the Conference Group can help. Operators can assist with gathering poll results or facilitating the question and answer section, so everyone isn’t speaking at once.

Meeting organizers should also choose a conference call service provider that has features which make it easier to manage more massive conference calls effectively. Together Talk Audio has a plethora of features that set us apart from the competition and simplifies the job of the meeting organizer. For example, there is a lecture mode that can be used when the call leader wants to block sound from all lines but their own. Similarly, there is a leader hang-up feature that ensures everyone is off the line at the end of the call. This prevents the business from getting unexpected charges from people staying on the conference call line once the event is over.

Many large conference calls have multiple call leaders. At the Conference Group, we provide a pre-conference call host room where all call leaders and the operator can discuss the call that’s about to begin. When hosting a meeting with such a large attendance, there can be last minute changes that need to be shared with the group. It’s also a great place to do a final run through of the plans for the call, without talking on the line people are using to join the conference.

Together Talk Audio has many tools and features that can be used to help business leaders facilitate conference calls. To learn more about the ways advanced virtual meeting services can help your organization, speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group.

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