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How Virtual Meetings Help Companies Reach Different Demographics

October 9, 2019

In order for a business to grow and prosper, it’s vital that they continue to reach new audiences. The desire to reach different demographics can be seen in the various marketing and advertising campaigns that companies use. Whether they’re trying to connect with investors, shoppers, or potential employees, businesses must use every tool in their toolbox to capture the attention of target audiences. Companies can use remote meeting tools, such as the ones provided by the Conference Group, to improve their outreach efforts. Here are some of the ways virtual meetings can help companies reach different demographics.

When searching for professionals to join the company, virtual meetings allow HR departments to cast a wider net and reach larger audiences. Companies that use video meeting services, like Together Talk Video from the Conference Group, can have virtual meetings with job candidates from anywhere. In the past, these kinds of interviews would have been expensive and time-consuming due to all of the travel involved. Conducting video meetings also makes the company more attractive to younger demographics, as these individuals often prefer to do video interviews.

Companies can reach more potential workers by allowing for remote work opportunities. Besides conference call and video meeting services, the Conference Group offers web meetings that can be used to host webinars and improve team collaboration. With features like screen sharing, application sharing, and collaborative notes, Together Talk Web makes it easy for team members in remote locations to work effectively with the rest of the team. Furthermore, many younger workers prefer remote work opportunities. Using products from the Conference Group can help companies attract the high-quality workers they need to thrive.

Together Talk Web can also be used to host educational webinars that can reach consumers that eschew traditional advertising. By hosting webinars that their target audience would find interesting, companies can catch consumers who are searching for knowledgeable companies that can help them with an issue. Smart marketing teams can create educational opportunities that catch the attention of a target audience. It’s a way to get the company’s foot in the door, and it can lead to better lead generation for the organization.

Video meetings also make it easier for a company to share its sales presentations with more people. Together Talk Video can be used to stream product demonstrations and sales presentations to a global audience. Rather than meet people one at a time to give the same presentation over and over again, Together Talk Video makes it possible to record one of your live presentations and share it with people on social meetings or other marketing channels. Using video meetings in this way saves time and significantly increases the reach of marketing presentations.

Conference calls are an easy way to engage with a large audience, and businesses can use conference calls as tools to reach diverse audiences. When using Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, organizers can reach hundreds or thousands of people at one time. By choosing a topic that many people would find exciting and promoting it to a target audience, companies can increase the range of their marketing, and reach new audiences.

If you want to learn more ways to use virtual meetings to reach a diverse demographic, the Conference Group can help. Talk to one of our Meeting Specialists to find clever ways to make your company more productive by hosting efficient remote meetings.

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