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Lead Your Remote Workforce with Videoconferencing

May 11, 2018

Maybe you have teams all over the world. You might have only a dozen workers or hundreds. Either way, you need to be able to get these people together to collaborate and craft the way forward for your business.

All Together in One Place

Vibrant videoconferencing puts key people together, even if they’re physical worlds apart. It’s a little like magic – at least, to someone who isn’t used to communicating this way before. The best new systems have a wealth of technology designed to make groups really come together – no matter how far they’re tuning in from.

Engaging Communication Choices

One of the essential designs in superior videoconferencing technologies is additional call controls for communications. Think of chat controls that allow participants to offer text messaging along with the videoconferencing in real time. What about “collaborative notes” technologies that help to document what’s going on around the table?

With these types of functions, facilitators can tag people by name – match ideas to who is bring them up – and generally, create a “living record” of the call, right down to the last detail.

Visual Enhancement

Top tools allow collaborators to do more on a videoconferencing session. Screen sharing helps a leader show participants an app or software program through the power of “remote visual desktop” – or play a video for the group. Presenter pass controls can help to segue between leaders – so whoever has the ball can move the meeting forward. Having the ability to “morph” between screens puts the conference leader in the driver’s seat.

Streaming Speed

Of course, good videoconferencing technologies need to be supported by capable broadband. In fact, some of the most useful design elements require blazing fast internet. Top-shelf VoIP helps to make sure sessions don’t suffer from jitters, pixilation or other problems. Camera technologies make sure that pictures look crystal clear, not just “CCTV quality.” In a sense, the “muscle” of the videoconferencing is as important as some of the bells and whistles that attract company leaders to these choices.

Cross-Platform Features

When you add platform controls to videoconferencing, you get more power to disseminate the information in your sessions. Think about how TED Talks visually documents whoever is on the stage. For example, a videoconferencing option that ports to YouTube can help you to create these kinds of results in-house. Other tools might help to connect videoconferencing to social media.

All this technology serves to introduce businesses to “communications 3.0” – a new world of vibrant, real-time connectivity through screens and devices. From customer relationship management to sales huddles, to maintenance planning and product development brainstorming, videoconferencing is helping businesses do what they need to do, to grow and expand and enhance their business models.

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