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Meeting Tools For Professionals on the Go

October 7, 2019

For many years, professionals spent most of their time behind a desk in their office. The internet, smartphones, and the rise of remote work opportunities have made it possible for people to handle much of their business from anywhere. However, it’s essential to have the right tools to ensure remote workers on the team are efficient. Here are some meeting tools from the Conference Group that are perfect for helping professionals on the go.

Conference calls were the first type of virtual meeting to be used, and they remain popular today. Conference calls are a simple way to keep remote team members on the same page without spending the time and money to gather everyone in a single location. With Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, busy professionals can host and join conference calls from anywhere.

Together Talk Audio has several features that make it ideal for busy professionals who are constantly moving. For example, you can host conference calls with hundreds of attendees. With a little extra time for planning, Together Talk Audio can be used for groups with thousands of callers. This robust system means professionals can host conference calls of any size, no matter where they are.

Even when on-the-go professionals are going out of the country, Together Talk Audio has services that can keep business leaders connected to their team. For international conference calls, the Conference Group offers local and toll-free access from some of the most popular international business locations around the world, such as China, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, Greece, Japan, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong, South Korea, and more. With international toll-free options in more than 100 countries around the world, the Conference Group is the best option for companies with global reach.

On-the-go professionals can also use services from the Conference Group to host face-to-face meetings with clients and team members. Our Together Talk Video application can connect people in remote locations, allowing them to have a discussion as if they were all in the same room. Whether you want to give a sales presentation to an audience in another location, or you want to discuss with remote workers, Together Talk Video is the solution you need. Professionals can even use their smartphone camera for their video feed, so it can be used almost anywhere your phone has service.

Some meetings require more than a simple discussion or video presentation. Even in these scenarios, the Conference Group has tools that can help professionals handle these activities while on the go. Together Talk Web provides web meeting services that can be used for group meetings and project collaboration. The application includes tools like screen sharing and application sharing, so it’s possible for remote team members to work together as if they were all around the same computer. Similarly, document sharing means that professionals on the go always have access to the files they need for the meeting.

The Conference Group makes it possible for professionals to stay connected with their team members, even when they’re far away. These tools can create new opportunities for remote work or allow critical members of the staff to spend a little extra time on vacation. If you want to learn more about using virtual meeting tools to make your company more productive, talk to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group.

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