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Radio Tours – What Are They and How Do They Happen?

April 25, 2018

In the entertainment world, radio tours are essential. They help artists to promote themselves, and they connect bands and performers to local radio stations or syndicates.

But these types of events don’t work without dedicated time and effort, as well as good technology.

What is a Radio Tour?

When a musical artist or entertainer has a new project or wants to promote something, he or she, (or even a group of people in a band) will want to connect with a large number of radio stations. That can encourage the radio stations to put these artists on their playlists.

To do that, though, the artist has to plan a large number of individual discussions with each DJ or radio personality.

Challenges of Radio Tours

An artist doing a radio tour has to travel to more than one place, in a short period of time. Experts talk about radio tours as involving several interviews that are back-to-back within a couple of hours.

How do you accomplish that kind of interaction?

Traditionally, some artists did go to radio stations and sit down in the studio. However, modern radio tours usually involve audio conferencing. The artist calls in and talks to the radio host using a phone or other device.

Technology for Radio Tours

When an artist or entertainer is interviewing on a radio tour, quality is important. The sound quality has to be excellent – the call can’t be cutting off, or dropping in and out because of bad reception, or interference.

Also, the radio interviews are live. They have to happen on time and take place at the right moment. There’s no waiting around. Experienced DJs understand the idea of dead air – that you can’t leave silence on the mic for even more than a few seconds.

Meeting the Challenge

Artists who have good management will utilize high touch audio conferencing services to make radio tours go smoothly.

A lot of the work happens before the call is made. The best third-party high touch audio conferencing services have live operators to facilitate the call. They also reach out before the call to, alert the artist and the radio personality and any other parties who will be on the call or contributing to the call.

During the call, the operator will assist with the nuts and bolts of producing a clean, high-quality audio connection. That might mean greeting individuals and introducing them to each other before the radio segment starts. It might involve using audio conferencing technology to limit participation – for example, to block other people from coming into the call at inopportune times.

Another valuable aspect of using high touch call conferencing for a radio tour involves understanding where the artist is “going,” even if he or she doesn’t leave their hotel room or personal office.

Each radio station is based in a given city or local area. When the people who are on the call know who they’re talking to and where the listeners are, the conversations become much more specialized, and this adds value to the process. That’s another point where a high touch audio conferencing operator can be very helpful.

Take a look at The Conference Group website to understand how we facilitate these entertainment events, and how we offer high touch audio conferencing services to clients.

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