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Using Webinars to Help Your Team Collaborate

May 6, 2019

Organizations produce their best work when team members can work together effectively. As more teams begin to work remotely, it’s vital to give employees tools that promote teamwork. One way to accomplish this is by using remote meetings like conference calls and video meetings to keep your team together. Webinars are an overlooked tool that can help remote workers collaborate effectively.

Many people think of webinars as a teaching tool, but the usefulness of web meetings goes beyond that. The tools needed to host a high-quality webinar, like Together Talk Web from the Conference Group, can also be used to host meetings that promote teamwork and collaboration. Web meetings make it easier to showcase and share resources among the meeting attendees in real time.

The key advantage of using a webinar is that the presenter can share their computer screen with the audience. This ability creates endless possibilities for what can be done during a web meeting. Most programs that can run on the computer can be shared with other attendees by using a webinar. The attendees can make suggestions for changes, and the edits can be made during the meetings.

Web meetings also give the presenter the option to pass control of the screen to someone else in the conference. This feature, which you can use with Together Talk Web, makes collaboration easier because the entire team can work together as if they were on the same computer. It’s the remote worker’s equivalent to having everyone huddled together working from the same computer. Webinars provide the same level of collaboration but make it a less crowded experience. Plus, it’s easier for each person to contribute without a round of musical chairs.

Together Talk Web has additional features that encourage remote workers to collaborate. One of the benefits of teamwork is the interaction among team members. Many problems can be solved when the group looks for a solution together. Together Talk Web promotes this engagement by including text chat and free VOIP.  The application also has collaborative notes where everyone can contribute.

Depending on the nature of the meeting, some webinars will need to be kept private while others can be shown to the world. In either event, Together Talk Web has features to serve your needs. Most webinars for team collaboration will need to be private and Together Talk Web has built-in conference security. Business leaders can also record their webinars for review later. And if you wanted to broadcast the web meeting, Together Talk Web can be streamed to YouTube.

See for yourself how webinars can help your organization by taking advantage of the free 30-day trial of Together Talk Web from the Conference Group. Together Talk Web has tools and features that let you host engaging webinars with clients or teammates at any time. Speak to a Meeting Specialist from the Conference Group if you have any questions about using remote meeting tools to make your organization more effective.

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