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Video Meetings or Conference Calls – Which Is Right For You

January 8, 2019


They say that you can’t have too much of a good thing, but having too many good options is a problem many business leaders face when deciding on the best remote meeting platform. Video meetings and conference calls have dramatically dropped in price over the past decade, and many people are using these remote meetings to accomplish more. Since both video meetings and conference calls can be effective, business leaders need to think carefully about which is right for them. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between video meetings and conference calls.

Meeting Format or Purpose

One thing that will decide whether a business needs to host a conference call or a video meeting is the format of the meeting. Some presentation types could work better as a video meeting than they would as a conference call. For example, any presentation that relies on visual aids will probably work better as a video meeting or webinar. Though it’s important to stress that all remote meeting formats can be used with any kind of meeting with enough planning.

If a remote meeting is taking the place of an in-person meeting or gathering, a video meeting may be the most appropriate choice. When conducting interviews or speaking to potential clients, you don’t want to miss the visual cues that you would normally get during an in-person meeting. For example, facial cues are important for a sales team member to decide if a message is resonating with an audience.

Together Talk Video can be used with up to six cameras at once and the video from the meeting can be viewed by up to 200 participants at the same time. This makes Together Talk Video a good choice for meeting formats that like forums and roundtable discussions. There can be up to six talking heads with 200 participants watching.

Conference calls are a good choice for meetings that don’t require visual aids or for meetings that require more speakers than can be accommodated by a video meeting. For example, a question and answer session with a large audience is well suited for services like Together Talk Audio. In general, all remote meeting types (conference calls, video meetings, and webinars) can be structured to work with any format. Speak to a meeting specialist from The Conference Group to find ways to make remote meetings work for your needs.

Meeting Size

The size of a meeting will also be a determining factor when deciding between video meetings, webinars, and conference calls. As with in-person meetings, there is a point when the size of an audience is too large for certain meeting formats to work effectively.

Together Talk Video from The Conference Group can host video meetings with 6 cameras and up to 200 participants. Special arrangements can be made if meeting planners need to go beyond that. Meeting specialists from The Conference Group can help set up remote meetings that have thousands of attendees.

Together Talk Audio “On Demand” from The Conference Group can host conference calls with up to 300 participants. Even with such large meetings,  The Conference Group has tools that can help business professionals maintain control of the structure and flow of a conference call. For example, there is a lecture mode feature that places everyone besides the leader in a listen-only mode. Similarly, there is a question and answer feature that uses electronic hand raising to control who is speaking. This can even work for meetings with a larger number of participants. The Conference Group has Operator Assisted, Operator Assisted Plus, and  Scheduled conference call products that provide these services for remote meetings with several thousand participants.

It’s possible to make any meeting format work with video meetings or conference calls. However, depending on the type of meeting, certain formats can be more appropriate and more effective than others. If you would like some advice on hosting more-effective meetings, contact a meeting specialist from The Conference Group to learn which options is best for your organization.

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The Conference Group is proud to provide you with the sophisticated technology needed to enable industry-leading conference call, webinar and video meeting solutions. With our help, you can leverage the power of a conference call to help your business succeed on a global scale. Whether you need to host a web conference, audio conference call or a full high-quality video conference, we have the perfect service and solution for you.

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