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When Should You Consider Using Scheduled Conference Call Service?

When Should You Consider Using Scheduled Conference Call Service?
July 12, 2019

One of the many benefits of conference calls is that they can work for groups of almost any size. Conference calls, like those you make with Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, can be used for small groups, to calls with thousands of people. However, as the number of participants grows, so does the challenge to the call host. The Conference Group offers a Scheduled conference call service that can help in situations when businesses need something beyond the typical conference call.

The scheduled conference call service from the Conference Group has advanced features that allow companies a way to privately and effectively communicate and collaborate. The plan has all of the features you expect from Together Talk Audio, such as free recording and playback, attendance reports, transcription options and more. What truly sets scheduled conference calls apart is that they give companies the ability to host more than 1,000 people on the line at a time.

Scheduled calls are necessary when the call is so large that it creates more logistical challenges than On Demand conference calls. You should consider using the scheduled conference call service when you need to host a call with overseas business partners or hold an investor call with thousands of participants. With Scheduled conference calls, you know that the system is ready for a larger-than-normal influx of calls, and you will have a dedicated operator available to help during the call.

When you’re hosting a call with thousands of participants, you don’t want to gather everyone together, just to have a technical issue delay the meeting. With Scheduled conference calls from the Conference Group, you will have an operator on standby to answer questions or provide additional services. We’ve even made it easy to reach your operator during the call. Using the star command *0, you will get instant help for any situation that arises.

The Conference Group also makes it easy to set up your scheduled call. Conference scheduling is available 24 hours a day by phone, email, or web. Scheduled conference calls are also suitable for international meetings.. Everyone uses the same telephone number and passcode, and are automatically added to the conference.

Using the Scheduled conference call service for your next virtual meeting is easy. All you need to do is provide some basic call information to our operator, and we’ll be able to handle the rest.  You will need your account information, the name and contact information for the call leader, the date and time of your call (including Time Zone) the estimated number of callers, and any advanced features you need for the meeting.

If you want to learn more about Scheduled conference calls or any of the virtual meeting options provided by the Conference Group, speak to one of our Meeting Specialist online. We can help you host more impactful virtual meetings while saving money on meeting expenses.

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