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When Should You Use an Operator Assisted Conference Call?

October 16, 2019

Conference calls are a versatile tool that businesses can use in multiple ways. Conference calls can be used to keep remote workers connected to the team, engage with various stakeholder groups, and to reach a target audience. To get the most benefit from a conference call, meeting organizers need to choose the proper format. Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group has several meeting styles that can meet the needs of an organization, including conference calls that come with complete operator assistance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you should use our Operator Assisted conference call service.

Operator assisted conference calls are the ideal choice when a call features highly-sensitive information.  When using operator-assisted conference calls with Together Talk Audio, the operator can check every caller against an approved caller list that is given to the operator before the call starts. This feature helps to ensure there are no unauthorized listeners on the call. Operator assisted conference calls are an appropriate choice for meetings such as investor relation calls, earnings report presentations, and legal proceedings. Using an operator-assisted conference call service can meet the higher level of service that’s often legally required for meetings where private information will be shared.

Conference calls can also be used when the session will include a celebrity or another VIP. Whether it’s a politician, celebrity, or business VIP, call organizers need to control the experience, so everything runs smoothly. An operator can work with the call organizer to ensure that only approved parties are on the line. The operator can also help with the advanced question and answer features that are needed to keep everyone from talking at once. Having guests speak to a live operator before joining a call can also help make a good first impression before the special guest even speaks. Your operator can read a custom introduction to your call and personally announce and welcome your guest speakers.

Business leaders may also want to consider an operator-assisted conference call when planning a meeting with upper management. Many C-Suite executives don’t want to mess with dial-in numbers, which is why operators can be used to skip the numeric passcode. Callers give a verbal passcode to the operator that’s established by the meeting organizer.  Similarly, operators can help simplify hosting a meeting by handling things like guest speakers, polls, and advanced Q&A features for call organizers. This help can be beneficial for conference calls that are too large for one person to manage on their own.

Operator assisted conference calls are the perfect choice for meeting organizers who want to get information from the participants. When a guest joins an operator-assisted conference call, the operator can collect up to three fields of data from each caller. Not only are the participation reports more accurate, but they also contain information that can be used for marketing or client research purposes.

If you’re interested in using operator-assisted conference calls from the Conference Group, speak to one of our meeting specialists. They can let you know if an operator-assisted conference call is right for your business.

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