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When Should You Use Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Conference calls are an excellent tool for business leaders who want to remotely connect with team members, clients, and target audiences. Conference call services, such as Together Talk Audio from the Conference Group, are an affordable way to reach groups of any size, anywhere in the world. Conference calls are easy to use, but there are situations where call leaders shouldn’t try to do everything on their own. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should use operator assisted conference calls.

Large conference calls and calls for high-profile events can have logistical concerns that are more complicated than traditional conference calls. Using operator assisted services, such as Operator Assisted and Operator Assisted Plus from the Conference Call can make your event easier to manage.

Operator assisted conference calls are a good choice for investor calls, legal proceedings and business calls with sensitive information. The more important the call, the more vital it becomes that nothing be left to chance. When you add a trained operator from the Conference Group, you are assured that a professional is monitoring the call in case anything goes wrong.

Besides monitoring your conference calls, the operators from the Conference Group can help deliver a more memorable experience for the audience. Callers are greeted by a professional and courteous operators, who can collect additional information that can be used for record keeping and marketing purposes. The operator can also perform a roll call, where they read through the participation list to take attendance and introduce everyone.

Along with operator assistance throughout the call, our trained operators have the experience and tools to handle complex calls. When you use operator assisted conference calls from the Conference Group, the operator will meet with the presenters in a pre-conference host room to go over final instructions or details.

Operator Assisted Plus conference calls from the Conference Group are perfect for remote meetings that are highly sensitive. You can provide an Allowed Only List that the operator will use to screen participants. This action ensures yout investor relations, earnings reports, and legal proceedings often private, and that everything goes according to plan.

If you plan on hosting a large, company-wide meeting, or any conference call with a large number of participants, you should consider using Operator Assisted conference calls from the Conference Group. The operator can do a dial out to call key attendees and provide attendance reports to the call leader once the call is finished. Allowing operators to handle certain tasks can help simplify and streamline the conference call.

Talk to a meeting specialist from the Conference Group is you’re interested in learning more about using operator assisted conference calls to help your organization. We have provided remote meeting services for more than two decades and can provide high-quality, excellent customer service and affordable prices.

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